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About us

We are a technology and innovation company with the largest online travel platform in Latin America today and we have been facilitating the purchase of travel products online in Brazil since 2011! Did you know that 1 room is confirmed every 8 seconds on our platform? All of this is done without the traveler having to contact the hotel.

With the mission to optimize travel through technology, our company has been growing further everyday, always regarding our vision to also optimize our travelers' time through science. We cannot forget our first principle: free people from concern. After all, we seek to provide customers with a moment of leisure, a break from routine without any stress.

Today we offer reservations for incredible hotels and resorts, and also tours that make your trip even more complete.

We are already in more than 4,700 international cities, with more than 500,000 registered users on the platform. In the years 2020 and 2021, our gross merchandising volume (GMV) was respectively US$330mm and US$350mm.

We are a company made by people for people and we've succeeded in making the travel experience simpler, more accessible and human for our travelers. After all, it's all about people! While we seek to humanize processes, we also want to deliver innovation. That's why optimizing travel through technology is Hurb's purpose.

We are making the dream of thousands of people into reality because we believe in the democratization of the access to travel. Here you will always be first!


Now that you know us a little better, how about knowing a bit more about our products? With Hurb, you can book nights thanks to our network of partner hotels and resorts. Our catalog has over 200,000 hotels worldwide with immediate confirmation. Travelers who enjoy a full leisure and entertainment experience in one place can also check out stays at 15,000 breathtaking resorts.

We also offer activities and tours for your trip, our platform includes more than 9,000 tourist activities in general and tickets to parks and attractions.

How we do it

Technologies such artificial intelligence and machine learning allow Hurb to obtain the best costs for our products and so we are able to pass this savings on to the customer, having in most cases the best price on the market.

We also seek to offer the best benefits on the market during and after sale, such as:

  • Customer support until the very end of the trip;
  • Free cancellation policy.


Our story began in January 2011 in the city of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) with João Ricardo Mendes, Antônio Gomes and José Eduardo Mendes. The company was born with the purpose of making it possible to sell hotel stays to groups of travelers at lower prices.

Today, we are a global brand based in Rio de Janeiro and operating throughout Brazil and abroad. We're also present around the world with our offices in Sorocaba (SP), Porto and Lisbon (Portugal) and Montreal (Canada).

In 2017, we implemented an Administrative Council. Every board reports to the council, which is responsible for setting guidelines for the entirety of Hurb. Thus, we have a more equal distribution in the control of the company.

The Administrative Council is formed by the following members:

  • José Eduardo Mendes
  • João Ricardo (Founder)
  • Otávio Brissant (Observer)

Names behind our company

  • João Ricardo Mendes (Founder)
  • Antônio Gomes, Tuninho (Founder)
  • Otávio Brissant (CEO)
  • Carlos Rios (CTO)
  • Romário Melo (Operations director)
  • Julia Aieta (CX director)
  • Lucas Rolim (Data & Analytics director)
  • Paulo Pimentel (Travel Suppliers director)

Our results

The number of Hurb travelers boarding per day rounds up to almost 8 full Boeing 737-700s. That's a lot of people traveling with us!

In 2021, we executed the travels of approximately 480,000 people. In 2022, 650,000 of our travelers have already boarded. In August 2022 alone, we boarded more than 100,000 passengers – Guarulhos airport, the main one in Brazil and the largest of South America, for example, receives more than one Hurb traveler per minute.

In the first semester of this year, the number of travels operated is already 75% higher than the total of the previous year (2021) and soon we'll reach the mark of 1 million travelers in 2022.

Knowing all this data, you'll understand that we have the capacity to handle high volumes of passengers and that we are committed to your travel experience.