Notch Inn and Suites

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Ubicación del establecimiento MOTEL 6 Branson West - Silver Dollar City de Branson Oriental está en las afueras, a solo 5 minutos en coche de Wilderness Chapel y Silver Dollar City. Además, este motel se encuentra a 5,2 km de Shepherd of the Hills Outdoor Theater y a 5,8 km de Bolera Millennium Bowl...

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Check-in a partir de las: 15:00

Check-out hasta las: 11:00

Ubicación del establecimiento MOTEL 6 Branson West - Silver Dollar City de Branson Oriental está en las afueras, a solo 5 minutos en coche de Wilderness Chapel y Silver Dollar City. Además, este motel se encuentra a 5,2 km de Shepherd of the Hills Outdoor Theater y a 5,8 km de Bolera Millennium Bowling & Entertainment. Las distancias se expresan en números redondos. - Wilderness Chapel: 2 km - Silver Dollar City: 3 km - Mark Twain National Forest: 3,1 km - Shepherd of the Hills Outdoor Theater: 5,2 km - Ozark Mountain State Park: 5,6 km - Bolera Millennium Bowling & Entertainment: 5,8 km - C...

50 Notch Ln, Branson West, MO 65737, USA - Branson West, Misuri - Estados Unidos - 65737

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Check-in a partir de las: 15:00

Check-out hasta las: 11:00

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Opinión escrita el 5 de octubre de 2020

I usually don't write reviews if I have had a bad experience, but this visit at Notch Inn compelled me, in the hopes that maybe someone will read this first before they spend their hard-earned money there. We stayed there, because they offered weekly rates, and my husband had two homes he would be working on in that area. First, the man at the office, who also lives there, was very unkempt, and he said the credit card machine was down, so we paid cash, and gives us the key. We asked for a receipt, and he became very annoyed and was actually upset that he had to go back behind the desk and write one out. The motel has a "For Sale" sign up, so this man is the ONLY person you have to deal with. What really upset me wasn't the old TV with a green tint that never went away, or even that the remote control didn't work, but my husband and I were eating dinner later that evening, when someone starts loudly banging on the door, so we opened the door, and it was him telling us the parking spaces we were in with our car and truck were for other people who stay there, and we would need to move! My husband has close to $15,000 in tools for work on and in that truck, and there were 4 spaces empty as he came by to tell we needed to move. The motel is almost COMPLETELY empty, with maybe 10 rooms or so rented, so there was a HUGE parking lot. A couple of nights later, I parked my car in front of my room to bring my groceries in, and this time, he came to the door banging on it so loudly with his fists, we thought maybe there was a fire(as none of the smoke detectors worked), and when I opened the door, he started literally screaming at me as though I was a child! I have NEVER been talked to so badly, and the guy looks completely strung out on drugs, so I told him I had groceries I was about to bring in, and that no one was even parked anywhere at all, save one car, so I didn't see how I was in anyone's spot!! He is still in such a state of anger at my choice to park right out in front of our room that he is literally shaking!! And he brought someone with him that looked equally intimidating, so I moved my car. And the ENTIRE night, 3 spots stayed completely empty!! So, I'm not sure whose spot I was taking, exactly, as we paid for the room, and no reputable place I have ever stayed has made such an odd and angry demand. I've been in food, beverage and hospitality for 22 years in hotels, and his actions would NEVER be tolerated! The problem for me was after we got settled in, I felt VERY uneasy not being able to keep an eye on my vehicle, because it is very run down. We paid for the week, and just couldn't go get another room somewhere else for all least 3 more days. The vaccine cleaner for the guests to use picks up little to nothing and spews dust back into the air, and there is no water pressure, and the toilets wouldn't flush regularly. There were no towels, washcloths. As I said before, the tv was a VERY old and badly used 19" that I'm sure someone gave him, but the whole screen had like an army-green tint that couldn't be fixed, and the remote control was of no help. Notch Inn is one of the filthiest places I've ever stayed. The person beside us said he charged them a $210 deposit and pays $210 weekly there, yet he didn't charge us a deposit and told us $185 per week, so he is just charging what he feels like charging, and couldn't remember what he charged us, and we had to tell him. I do think he is emotionally unstable, to come beating on our door at 8:00 at night, screaming at me that I better get my car moved or it would be towed... All the while, empty parking spaces were to the left and right of me that no one ever parked in. Please, there are other places in Branson, who I now know, are even less that what we paid there, and it would be worth it for your peace of mind, because it is VERY shady. Take a drive by there, and stop in, and he will prove to you what I am saying. He has no business dealing with people in ANY capacity, let alone the front desk!


Worse place I ever stayed

Opinión escrita el 26 de mayo de 2019

If I only paid 35.00 to stay here than I would of got what I paid for. But to pay 85.00 a night it was awful. I’ve stayed at places for only 45.00 a night that was better than this. When I walked into the lobby I felt like I was walking into their living room. It was as mess and stuff everywhere. Looked like a hoarders house. The room wasn’t the cleanest, nor did you feel safe around here. They only had soap bars that busted when you open the packages. No dryer, iron, or iron board. The water pressure in tub was a trickle. No pressure at all and barely came out. Also they mentioned having a free continental breakfast. That a lie. We asked and they said how many in your party. They said they had donuts but didn’t have them out anywhere. You couldn’t even get to kitchen area in the lobby do to the mess and furniture in the way. We were trying to find maids at 6:30 in the morning because we were out of toilet paper and the lobby was closed. We found a area that was unlocked and exposed all rooms to the end on both sides. See attached pictures. I would not even give this place a 1 star but you have to in order to leave a review. I will never stay here again. Pay more money and stay somewhere else. Really feel this place should be shut down.


Spend $10- $20 more and stay elsewhere!!

Opinión escrita el 26 de mayo de 2019

If you want to make the same mistake I did, I can’t stop you but I promise you will regret staying here. They now rent rooms out as apartments. When we can in last night there was riff raff everywhere. This is one of those $39.95 hotels you stay at to catch 8 hours of sleep get up show and continue on first thing in the morning. One of those places you check in and you’re not 100% you’ll ever check out. You’ve been warned, good luck!


Big disappointment !

Opinión escrita el 11 de decembre de 2018

I had stayed at the Notch Inn a few times quite a while back. Anticipated the nice place I had known it to be. However, room had a hole through the dry wall where the door knob hit it. Refrigerator was sitting on a broken chair. Smoke detector was hanging from the ceiling, Toilet paper holder was unusable. Knob on the AC/heater was missing so could not regulate heat - had to be either on or off - and it was cold (32 deg.) outside, but really hot inside. Therefore had to turn heat off and then on when the chill became uncomfortable. Was busy during the day - so only had to deal with that through the night. In the morning, we were out of there..


Long term stay

Opinión escrita el 17 de septiembre de 2018

Nice people. There house keeping was not good it waa hit and miss. They just did not have good employees to keep up with it. The owners ate elderly and can't keep up with it so maintainence was not good eather. They have lots of clutter all over the office and under the stairs on both ends of the motel. But the owners were super nice.

Richard M