Madison Hotel Boardwalk

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This lovely hotel is in Beach Area. A total of 125 rooms are available for guests' convenience at Madison Hotel Boardwalk Atlantic City. The hotel offers Wi-Fi internet connection in communal areas. As this hotel features 24-hour reception, guests are always welcome.

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Check-in starts at: 15:00

Check-out ends at: 11:00

This lovely hotel is in Beach Area. A total of 125 rooms are available for guests' convenience at Madison Hotel Boardwalk Atlantic City. The hotel offers Wi-Fi internet connection in communal areas. As this hotel features 24-hour reception, guests are always welcome.

125 S Dr Martin Luther King, Atlantic City, New Jersey 08401, United States - Atlantic, New Jersey - U.S - 08401

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Check-in starts at: 15:00

Check-out ends at: 11:00

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Reviewed 26 september, 2021

This was the worse hotel experience ever. Staying here is like paying to stay at a homeless shelter. It's filthy has roaches and just ghetto. There were stains on the floor, couch and sheets. The heat didn't work. The room smelled gross. I tried to tough it out but I just ended up leaving in the middle of the night. I don't even care about getting a refund long as I never have to go back there! This place needs to be shut down.



Reviewed 1 august, 2021

DO NOT STAY HERE. 1. Burn Holes in towels, fitted sheets 2. Paper towel in air vent 3. Smoke alarm wires hanging out with no smoke detector 4. Plastic bag over another alarm of some type 5. Clogged sink to the point of almost over flowing, 6. Clogged toilet- clogged our 3rd night here 7. Showered in 5 inches of water on my feet due to poor drainage 8. Had to have a man come give us a plunger and he then continued to vacuum out the sink and toilet 9. Front desk deactivated our hotel key cards (definitely on purpose) for what reason? not sure. 5 reserved girls staying in one room, haven’t caused any chaos to workers other than asking for DRAINO everyday to help our clogged drains 10. Asked to reactive our cards and worker knew exactly our room number, without even having to ask us *made us feel super uncomfortable 11. Ceiling falling apart 12. Air conditioning randomly turning off - they are window box air conditioners… only have 1. 13. Stains all over couch, poor mattress for the pull out bed included in the couch. 14. Every crack and corner full of dust 15. Towels are rock hard, not in any way are they in a OKAY condition. 16. Elevators slow. Gross sticky stuff on the floors.


Dont be fooled by the pics this place is nasty

Reviewed 23 june, 2021

I'm not super boogie but this place should be condemned. It looks like the projects. Elevator was nasty trash, soda cans, and beer bottles in the Elevator. The room was gross, we asked for different room and they said they would upgrade us to a deluxe suite. The room looked like a sleazy whore house.. the sofa was so old the sofa cushions were basically on the floor,, i didn't even want to put my bags down, we couldn't even stay there we just asked for a refund and left AC. If you don't mind mingling with whores, drug addicts, and drug dealers on ur vacation then I still wouldn't suggest this place. I repeat, I know ur thinking it can't be that is. If ur desperate for a vacation do urself a favor and go to AC on the week day and get cheaper prices. I would sleep in my car before I would ever stay in that place. The Madison should be closed permanently


Catfish!!!!!!!! 😡 DO NOT BOOK

Reviewed 16 february, 2021

First off this place is nothing like the photos at all not even close. This is not a hotel not even a motel if I could put a -10 stars I would and as soon as u walk in the Building the doors does not even open or close right and the lobby nothing like the photo and the elovator disgusting the drop Ceilings omg disgusting missing tiles stains of water damage all over and I’m not kidding I didnt get to take more photos and to top it off no heat we where given a heater that did not work u had to be a foot away just to feel the heat we should have slept in The car and dont try to shower the water was coming out dark brown like no one has open the shower in years. Most horrible experience ever it was a nightmare and the people who work there I’m sorry they where nice but that’s it. DO NOT BOOK I do not know how they are even open for Business I am very experience in staying at nice hotels but I have to say I got catfishes on this one over my 20 years experience traveling never been to a place like this ever If you definitely want to get Covid go here not joking and We paid 93.00 once again DO NOT BOOK



Reviewed 14 october, 2020

Stayed here few years ago when it was first reopened and it wasn’t too bad. Obviously the owners have not put any money or thought into it since. They might have renovated the lobby area but that’s it. There was no one in lobby when I entered and people can pretty much come in or out without any security. Doors and area looked dirty. Be prepared to wait awhile for elevator as only one works for 14 floors and it looks like something out of a horror movie. Halls reeked like cigarettes and weed. Room layout is fine with small living area and separate bedroom. However windows are painted shut and air conditioner did not work. Beds were old and sunken in a bit. I was most concerned because I went to use stairs and door was locked which is a disaster waiting to happen if a fire breaks out. Very disappointing. Place could be nice if it had proper management and cleaned up.