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Situated in the heart of Beverly Hills, just a five-minute walk from the celebrated shops of Rodeo Drive, this glamorous hotel offers an unforgettable stay in Los Angeles. Guests are sure to be impressed by the hotel's stately yet elegant design and will be greeted with a warm, genuine welcome by ho...

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Situated in the heart of Beverly Hills, just a five-minute walk from the celebrated shops of Rodeo Drive, this glamorous hotel offers an unforgettable stay in Los Angeles. Guests are sure to be impressed by the hotel's stately yet elegant design and will be greeted with a warm, genuine welcome by hotel staff in the stylish lobby. The hotel provides the perfect mix of old Hollywood charm and modern luxury, offering an artfully crafted and refined experience. During a relaxing weekend away, guests might choose to melt away their worries in the lavish and exclusive spa and dine on classic Italian...

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Fun in Beverly Hills

Reviewed 6 december, 2021

The location is ideal within walking distance of all the great attractions in Beverly Hills. The accommodations are excellent. We highly recommend staying here..... The staff is unbelievably friendly and helpful.

Nassir A


Reviewed 6 december, 2021

Just checking out of hotel now. $745 per night. Terrible view of back of Sterling building. Not a standard size drawer in the room. 5 drawers 6" wide 8" deep. Good for socks or underwear only. Could not unpack our suitcases for our 4 night stay. Lived out of them. No clock in room of any kind. Cold water shower only. No USB ports despite being recently done. On two days they forgot to give us a wakeup call. Almost missed our flight as a result. Never refilled mini bar. Service was always pleasant but useless.


Needs Serious Work to Meet Maybourne Standards

Reviewed 26 november, 2021

For years, high end luxury travelers have had difficulty finding truly special hotels in Los Angeles. Most properties cater to the flash and glam that defines the city’s entertainment-based ethos. Client service is almost an afterthought. Among the slim pickings, the Bel Air, the Peninsula, and the Beverly Hills Hotel have long reigned supreme with best in class service, facilities and room appointments. But even these stalwarts have declined in recent years with rooms/facilities that need updating and staff that needs better training. With this in mind, we were excited to give the Maybourne Beverly Hills a try over the holidays. The hotel, formerly known as the Montage Beverly Hills, is now managed by the Maybourne Hotel Group, operators of the famed Claridge’s and Connaught hotels in London. This is Maybourne’s first foray into the US. The Maybourne was a disappointment. To put it bluntly, the hotel functions no better than a Marriott, albeit at a vastly higher price point ($1,000/per night). To consistently achieve the high touch service levels offered by its British cousins (distant relations at that), serious work must be done, starting with a complete overhaul of management from top to bottom. Yes, the experience was that bad. It’s not that staff is anemic in their responsiveness. They earnestly try, but they simply do not know any better. No one has bothered to explain to them the nature and quality of service that is required. Allow us to explain: Check in was a figurative car accident. We arrived two hours before the 3 pm regular check in time, so our room wasn’t ready. The front desk promised a rapid turnaround, about 20 minutes, and took our cell number to call us when the room was ready. About 45 minutes later, the front desk (this time with new staff) promised the room “in about an hour.” We were sent on our way with a bottle of water to walk the vacant streets of Beverly Hills (more on that later). After the hour had expired, we returned. Still no room. The front desk (again with different staff) sent us up to the rooftop pool area (with more water) to wait for “20 minutes.” The pool area was a disaster. Every chaise lounge had been used earlier in the day, and the flotsam and jetsam of that prior use was on full display with uncollected dirty towels, dirty dishes, and empty bottles at every seat. No one had come to clean up. The night before had been windy and a number of trees in the pool area and lower terrace had been knocked over, their ceramic planters shattered and their soil contents deposited hither and fro. Again, no one had come to clean up. After another 45 minutes, we revisited the front desk (which had changed staff yet again) to inquire about the room. To our surprise, the room had long been available. It’s just that no one had told us or made the promised call. The front desk sent up small bottles of Coke as an apology. After we occupied our room and began to unpack, we were visited by four staff members, each with an assigned task. It felt so comical and uncoordinated that we likened it to a Marx Brothers movie. One guy came with the Cokes. Another came with a fruit basket. Another came with a holiday platter. Another came with a welcome card from the general manager that had been addressed to the wrong person. Then the elevators went out. Mind you, even at a $1,000/night hotel, things can and do go wrong all the time. But staff was flummoxed about what to do. One staffer told us to “take the stairs” to the lobby from our high floor room, and briefly gestured in the approximate direction of the stairwell. The stairs were an experience in their own right, with some going down, others going up, and turn after turn until we somehow, some way, ended up outside by the carport. After a restless sleep (there are no top sheets; only a top duvet that bunches up around the legs with any movement), we needed to shake the cobwebs out with a good workout. Want to ascertain where the gym is located? Good luck with that. Neither the in-room materials nor web site make any mention of a gym. Want to order room service? Good luck finding an in-room menu. Our curiosity precipitated another visit to the front desk. One staffer swore that a bar coded menu was in the room and enthusiastically told us where to find it, but another stepped in to simply give us the menu (a copy of which was on offer at the front desk). The rooms are ok but just ok. We had a glorious view of the building across the street. The desk is punctuated by two heavy orange poufs on either side that serve no discernible purpose. The bathroom probably looked good a decade ago, but now seems dowdy. The hallways are long, complicated affairs, hard to navigate with confusing signs. Two other things are worthy of mention, although the hotel does not bear any fault for either. First, the pandemic has hit Beverly Hills especially hard and has decimated its retail. Long stretches of its streets are bereft of any stores. It felt like an empty, depressing, closed ghost town. Second, in contrast to the Bel Air, Peninsula, and Beverly Hills Hotel, the Maybourne attracts a, um, less refined client base. The result is a far noisier environment and some rather unusual guest behaviors. One spa-going guest boarded the elevator in bare feet, with only a robe as cover, and grunted when asked by the bellman if he knew the elevator was going up. Another group of parents thought the gym was a suitable place for their children “to go play,” and they ran up and down the aisles during the morning workout. Still other guests traipsed through the public spaces in ripped hoodies and flip flops. We don’t mean to sound judgmental, but Claridge’s this most definitely is not. In sum, if you seek a high end luxury hotel experience when in Los Angeles, stick with the Bel Air. The Maybourne is not for discriminating travelers and is not worth the elevated price point.


Had drinks and loved it.

Reviewed 4 october, 2021

After a gorgeous dinner at Maestros we wanted an after dinner drink at The Bar in the hotel and Brian was our server. He took such good care of us and treated us amazing. Dirty martini came out not dirty but Brian quickly fixed that. Great evening and a nice place to have a late night drink. I hope they bring back the live music again soon.

Jeff M

Top-notch experience

Reviewed 28 september, 2021

Amazing service and interactions with all the staff. Room service and the Terrace restaurant have great food. Perfect spot to be at for shopping or walking around to explore. Tons of amenities from indoor and rooftop pools, lounge, cigar room, spa, etc.