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Enjoying a prime location in the first line of Cancun's beach, one of the most famous tourist destinations of the world, this charming hotel welcomes all types of guests, from single travellers to families. The property is a short drive away from the city centre, where visitors can find numerous sho...

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Enjoying a prime location in the first line of Cancun's beach, one of the most famous tourist destinations of the world, this charming hotel welcomes all types of guests, from single travellers to families. The property is a short drive away from the city centre, where visitors can find numerous shops, restaurants and other entertainment venues. The city is also well-known for its vibrant nightlife which offers a wide range of bars and night clubs. The rooms are nicely decorated in Mexican style and feature comfortable amenities to make guests feel at home. The on-site restaurant offers a wide...

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Avoid this hotel! Room Picture is scam !!

Reviewed 8 july, 2021

The actual room is very different from the photo shown on Hotel's booking page. There is nothing in the room other than the bed. It's a prison-like room, and the floor is rattling. There is no sun in the room all day long. It's a very dark room. Also, a lot of mosquitoes come into the room. The TV in the room is broken and cannot be used. There is really nothing in the room. It says it has a balcony, but it doesn't have a balcony. It's a dark prison-like room, the location is very close to the parking lot and you can't see the sea. Walk to the sea for more than 5 minutes. There is no refrigerator in the room. We had a lot of trouble getting the ice. Of course there is no phone in the room. We really regret that we booked this hotel. This hotel is really scammer. I definitely do not recommend this hotel.


Peacock Palace

Reviewed 1 january, 2021

A 6 pack of peacocks roaming the grounds makes this hotel the most unique hotel in Mexico! Beaches and pools on site are what renders this place a 5 star value. The Cancun Scuba Center is located at the foot of the hotel, and the Tortuga Port is steps away if you want to make an excursion to Isla Mujeres. Drinks are exceptional (made by Brenda and Marco) and the DJ really knows how to get the families dancing by the round pool. Plenty of vegetarian options at the buffet. House iguana lurking on the steps really takes it up a notch! Next time I'll return with friends because everything you need is HERE!


A little hidden gem on the Caribbean coast...

Reviewed 11 september, 2019

Stayed 22/08/19 - 07/09/19 (Previously stayed in 2015, 2016 & 2017) When we first stayed in the Maya Caribe, we had booked to stay in Dos Playas. We had read that sometimes, if Dos Playas was full, they would place you in the Maya Caribe until a room became available. THANK GOODNESS that happened to us! Now, there's nothing wrong with the rooms in Dos Playas, nothing whatsoever. We've even been in the odd one or two here and there and they're all very nice. However, the view(s) from our first floor room in the Maya Caribe, for us, are second to none (or so we thought at the time). I say 'our' room, because when we were put into the Maya Caribe originally, we were put in a room facing the gardens. The view was so nice (not to mention how quiet it was when sat out on the large balcony, as there is very little footfall towards the back of the Maya Caribe. Also, my wife is a 'sun worshipper' and the balconies facing the gardens, all get the sun at the end of the day, so she couldn't have been happier) that when we ended up booking to go back the next year, we requested the exact same room. We are the type of people who normally like to explore new places, countries etc. But we not only fell in love with Mexico, but also the Maya Caribe (Dos Playas). Hence the repeat stays. So for the first two stays, we stayed in the same room. However, disaster struck the following year, when, even though we'd requested the exact same room, it was unfortunately taken. So, Andres (who has been taking our cases to and from our room every visit we've ever had) suggested the room opposite. Now, under any normal circumstance, we would have taken his advice straight away. However, the previous year I proposed to my (now) wife on the balcony at night, on her birthday, under the moon and a starlit sky. So, as you can imagine, we were rather attached to 'our' room. Anyhow, we decided to take his advice (although we did say that we wanted to move into 'our' room once the other occupants had left). He promised us that, once we'd seen the views from this new room, we wouldn't want to leave it. We were a little sceptical. We knew it had a beach/sea view. However, it was above a slightly busier footfall area (potentially less balcony privacy etc) and we were concerned that on a night, if it was windy, the glass door/windows to the balcony would rattle, keeping us awake. The thing was, when we stayed the previous two times, we had stayed in January for my wife's birthday. This time, we were staying in late August/early September for my birthday. Andres explained to us that it's a lot less windy in August/September compared to January and the view would definitely convince us that any potential balcony privacy issues etc would be worth it. So we took Andres's word for it (and over the years, we realised we had made a wise choice listening to him. As he's a very wise man. A problem solver. Over the years he has helped us out with numerous problems; almost always non hotel related problems may I add. And no matter what, he's ALWAYS happy & smiling!) and moved ourselves into our new room. And we were not disappointed. The view was/is amazing!! The beach, the sea, the Isla Mujeres on the horizon, all picture postcard stuff. So much so, that even after all the sunrises & sunsets we've now witnessed from 'our' new room, we just can't help but take picture after picture, morning after morning, night after night. Also, Andres was right. No balcony privacy issues whatsoever, even with the ever so slightly busier footfall (due to the Cielito Lindo restaurant being situated just to the left of us. You can also access the beach going past our room or get to the Maya Caribe garden which currently hosts a once a week BBQ round the back of the Maya Caribe. There are also two swimming pools & sunbeds to the left of our room as well) and the wind wasn't noticeable at all. We didn't make it to 'our' new room the following year, as my wife and I got married. We did consider getting married on the Isla Mujeres and holding the wedding reception at the Maya Caribe/Dos Playas. However, there were quite a few older people and very young children who attended our wedding and we felt the flight to and from Cancun might have been just a little too much for them. So we get to this year, our fourth stay in five years. We came to celebrate my birthday and our first wedding anniversary. We booked 'our' (new) room from the last time we came and low and behold, we got it! Once we arrived at the reception, we were once again greeted by Andres. He, as always, remembered us and greeted us in his usual, friendly, welcoming manner. As we were checking in, there was a little discussion at the desk between Andres, Yeing (the daytime manager) and the reception staff. As it turns out, Andres had been explaining to them how we'd now been back four times and that we were staying for fifteen days this time. This information caused the usual reaction with the staff at Dos Playas; delightfully surprised! It would seem my wife and I are fairly rare in the respect of the fact that we keep coming back, year after year and for staying for at least two weeks at a time. Yeing spoke to us and told us that there had been many improvements around the complex and how right she was! In the two years since we'd been there, walkways had been improved (there is a pathway leading up to the Maya Caribe which has a slope to it, that has now been totally relaid). There is additional seating in the Iguanas restaurant. A brand new bar has been built onto the side of the Iguanas Restaurant. The Cielito Lindo restaurant is now more like a sit down restaurant, rather than the help yourself buffet place it used to be (it still has a buffet, but it's better set up now). There's an area of sea cordoned off directly opposite Dos Playas, which is used as a type of play area with inflatable objects in it for you to climb and jump off into the sea etc. And as a nice added extra touch, there is now a hammock on each balcony of the rooms in the Maya Caribe, perfect for an afternoon siesta! When we arrived at our room (accompanied as usual by Andres) we entered to find the hotel had left a complimentary free bottle of red wine for us. We found out from Andres it was because we were such valued guests and because we were celebrating my birthday and our first wedding anniversary whilst staying at the hotel. The day before my birthday/our wedding anniversary, my wife and I decided to have a deep tissue back massage from the masseuses situated within the grounds of Dos Playas. To say they were good would be an understatement! We'd never had one before, but we'll definitely be having one again when we go back. On the morning of my birthday, my wife had arranged with the hotel (unbeknownst to me) for a bottle of Champagne and a birthday cake to be delivered to our room, first thing in the morning. Unfortunately there was a little confusion with regards to when what should have been delivered to the room, so I got my bottle of Champagne first thing in the morning and the birthday cake was waiting on the side for us when we returned, later on in the day. Not at problem at all though. They were both lovely surprises and once again, had been free of charge courtesy of the hotel. We ended up spending thirteen perfect nights in 'our' room, until a rare problem occured. It turns out that the Maya Caribe (and the Cielito Lindo restaurant) had suffered some kind of electrical fault (our TV had lost signal twice, but no sooner was it reported, it was fixed!) and so we were informed by Yeing, that we unfortunately had to move out of 'our' room. We had no choice but to move rooms. We knew if it could have been resolved any other way, it would have been. Yeing couldn't have been nicer and more apologetic about the situation. She said she knew how much 'our' room meant to us and had even waited an extra couple of days until the work couldn't be put off any longer, before informing us about the situation. So much so, that we ended up being the only people left in the entire Maya Caribe! Yeing then informed us that because of the inconvenience, we were going to be moved into one of the Premier rooms with a sea view. The rooms were more expensive, but she said it was all free of charge because of the unusual situation. The Premier rooms are nice and you could see why they would cost more money than staying in the Maya Caribe. However, we still prefer 'our' litte hidden gem on the Caribbean coast in the Maya Caribe. Unfortunately whilst we were staying in the Premier room, the air conditioning unit started to drip and we hadn't noticed it. Problem was, some of my wife's clothes were underneath it. They ended up being soaking wet through. My wife was concerned that they wouldn't be dry by the time we were due to leave (as this happened the day before we were due to leave). So she went to the reception and just happened to bump into Yeing. My wife then explained to her what had happened, so Yeing insisted on going to the room with her straight away to sort it out. Once there, Yeing accessed the situation and called an engineer (who turned up almost immediately!). She then took my wife's clothes and told her she would get them dryed for her. The next morning, my wife went to the reception and the clothes were there for her, all dryed. She just so happened to bump into Yeing and after a little discussion, she agreed to let us check out of our room an hour later than normal, once again, for no extra charge, due to the inconvenience of what had happened to my wife's clothes. Over the course of the holiday, we got to speak to/interact with the vast majority of staff. As per usual, they were all very friendly and very helpful. It has to be said however, that a few stood out above the rest; going that extra mile extra so to speak. I've listed below all the staff who were brilliant to us and why... Hotel Management - Yeing (As stated above) Restaurant Supervisor - Arturo Perez Fantastic hospitality! He would welcome us every time he saw us and he'd tell us stories about his home city of Mexico City and how he is living his best life; still on vacation after twenty years! Porter - Andres (As stated above) Javio - Waiter Fantastic hospitality! Friendly personality, always smiling! He couldn't do enough for us (we'll miss getting our regular morning toast & jam brought to us!) He always made our visits to the Iguanas restaurant enjoyable ones! Luis Cen - Waiter Fantastic hospitality! He always had a huge smile on his face and he was always very helpful and friendly. Eduardo - Bartender (Daytime) Fantastic hospitality! He was always busy serving people/making drinks, but never too busy to make my wife and I our 'iced beers'! He would also find the time bring our 'iced beers' down to the sunbeds for us! Everything was "No problem!" for the guy! Apolinar - Bartender (Nighttime) Fantastic hospitality! Friendly, helpful personality. Apolinar would always try and help us to learn just a little more Spanish! He was always there when you needed him. The Omelette lady (Never got her name unfortunately) She was always smiling, no matter how hot she was/looked. Brilliant at her job! She made fantastic omelette's! The Pizza guys (Never got their names unfortunately) They always seemed happy, no matter how busy they got. They made great tasting pizza every time as well! In summary; good food, good beverages, fantastic staff, great customer service/hospitality, brilliant location & beautiful views!! It goes without saying, we'll definitely be back...


pools galore

Reviewed 13 february, 2019

nice little place .a little dated. but always clean. lots of pools.on a nice beach.stayed here once a while back when there was no room where I wanted to be. no issues at all.reasonable price for cancun, wouldn't pay any more for it. no luxuries. only a 3 star.


Mrs. Frazier

Reviewed 15 january, 2019

This resort is magnificent and the staff is very polite and accommodating. Upon our arrival we were greeted with beverages and were upgraded to a suite because of a miscommunication. They also threw in a small cake and bottle of champagne for my daughter's birthday. Thank you!