The Copper Kettle

Si decides alojarte en The Copper Kettle de Carnforth, estarás a apenas 1 min en coche de Parque Nacional Yorkshire Dales y a solo 9 de Granja Docker Park. Además, este bed and breakfast se encuentra a 19,7 km de Parque Nacional del Distrito de los lagos y a 10,6 km de Sendero de las cascadas de In...

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Suíte, suíte (Sleeps 3)

Max. 3 adultos y 2 niños


Quarto casal, suíte (no pets allowed)

Max. 2 adultos y 1 niño


Quarto duplo, banheiro privativo

Max. 2 adultos y 1 niño


Quarto casal, suíte

Max. 2 adultos y 1 niño


Quarto casal, banheiro privativo

Max. 2 adultos y 1 niño

Información de la propiedad

Check-in a partir de las: 14:00

Check-out hasta las: 10:30

Si decides alojarte en The Copper Kettle de Carnforth, estarás a apenas 1 min en coche de Parque Nacional Yorkshire Dales y a solo 9 de Granja Docker Park. Además, este bed and breakfast se encuentra a 19,7 km de Parque Nacional del Distrito de los lagos y a 10,6 km de Sendero de las cascadas de Ingleton.Te sentirás como en tu propia casa en cualquiera de las 5 habitaciones.En The Copper Kettle tienes un restaurante a tu disposición para comer algo. Apaga la sed con tu bebida favorita en el bar o lounge. Se sirve un desayuno de pago.Las distancias se expresan en números redondos. Parque Nacio...

3-5 Market Street - Carnforth, England - Reino Unido - LA6 2AU

Comodidades de la propiedad

Check-in a partir de las: 14:00

Check-out hasta las: 10:30

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Unfortunate victims

Opinión escrita el 29 de enero de 2023

Kirby Lonsdale is such a delightful town so decided to spend the day here. Our first priority was to have something to eat. We walked up the high street checking out the different eateries. I wish we had walked in the opposite direction,down the high street!!! Found ourselves outside the copper kettle and rather than walk down again we went in there because we wanted to visit the spotted hen shop across the road afterwards. BIG MISTAKE Only 1other couple in. Cafe, would oil smell, Very outdated, not in a good way. The lady who served had a dirty jumper on, not much idea of how to deal with customers (asked personal questions) Everything had a grubby feel about it. The food was passable. Just DON'T visit the loos. You will be very shocked. It's a health hazard up there. See photos others have left. The only plus is that the food was inexpensive.

Karen S

Contender for the worst place I’ve stayed in my travels over the past nearly 50 years

Opinión escrita el 4 de decembre de 2022

Review of the Copper Kettle in Kirkby Lonsdale. In September we decided to book a night at Kirkby Lonsdale, so we could see the Christmas parade. Shortly afterwards we decided two nights would be better than one so I messaged the owner through the Airbnb messaging system. Got nothing back, tried phoning, still nothing so decided just to book the following night on the system. Job done. So it was clear that communication with the host was difficult. When we arrived she asked for our name and address details again and filled them in to a dogeared book, using her laptop as a writing desk. That confirmed to me straight away where the difficulties in communication lay and it also indicated that they never used IT because all of my details including my driving license number, were in the Airbnb check-in information that I had already filled in two days before. You enter the premises directly into the dining room, which looks like it was laid out and decorated in the 1970s and had never been touched since. The first thing that hits you as you walk in the door is the smell, that greasy spoon cafe smell. The smell you get from a kitchen that has deep fat fryers running with no extraction, a smell that permeated all of the downstairs area. In fact, the only time I had breakfast, the first morning, I noticed the film of grease deposits on the milk jug which has obviously never been washed for a while, probably just rinsed out. We were then taken up to our room which happened to be at the top of the house. When we got in the room and started to look around the overall impression was the severe lack of overall maintenance. The decoration if you can call it that was slapdash and clearly done by someone who couldn’t be bothered. Mismatched wallpaper, peeling off walls, rotten skirting boards, a sash window that was stuck open about 2 inches at the top with tape covering the gap and rolled up kitchen roll stuffed between the open, gap lower down between the bottom and top sash. The obligatory tree with cups, saucers, teabags, sugar, etc. And a small open milk jug with milk in it. Never seen that in a hotel before and I’ve stayed in hundreds since the 1980’s. In the toilet, the shower tiles had been painted over, but only where the grout was. It Looks like someone went in there with one bucket of white paint an old brush and just painted everything in a vain attempt to improve it. All it did was make it look worse. The large toilet roll holder did not have any toilet roll inside it, but there was toilet a paper roll sat on top of it. An empty small commercial DEB Soap Systems dispenser was fixed to the wall above the sink and had clearly never been used in years but not removed. A very amateurish attempt has been made to plaster around the toilet holder for some reason which just made the whole thing look terrible. Whoever has been doing this work has absolutely no idea or training in any of these DIY, decorating and maintenance principles, they are clearly trying to save money by doing this themselves and making a complete hash of it. This is just insulting to their customers. Also, the shower which was an electric one was absolutely useless, it had no pressure on the flow was minimal. We didn’t bother using it. We had a lovely time in town, the shopping and pubs are lovely. In one shop, the lady who was local asked us where we were staying. and we told her. She laughed and told us about the reputation of this place. One thing that worried me, though was the story she told us about the firemen, who were on a course, and were supposed to be staying there. They took one look around the place, inspected the room and decided to leave, they said it was unsafe. I can tell you that none of the appliances were Pat tested and the extension lead that fed two lamps and a large oil radiator had the end of four sockets burnt out. This was obviously where the radiator had originally been plugged in. I checked the plug, feeding the radiator and it was hot. When you read the reviews on TripAdvisor, there are a number of people that are quite happy with the place and that’s fine. These people may not have the same level of expectation or standards that other people have. The majority though were the lowest mark and some of them thought it was so bad that it was hilarious. In fact that’s exactly how we treated it. We just laughed in irony about the place for the two nights we stayed. It was comical seeing the look on peoples faces when I showed them some of the pictures that I had taken. The best way I can think of describing it is if you have seen the television programme homes, Under The Hammer. Well, this place is just like them, before they’re refurbished. The one single unique selling point? The parking was free.


Great Value

Opinión escrita el 27 de novembre de 2022

Very comfortable stay, the rooms are decorated and furnished with period pieces, which matched my friend's 70's wardrobe. The breakfast vegetarian option was excellent, the only negative was my friend who talks a lot. There is free parking.

David C

As traditional as it gets

Opinión escrita el 4 de novembre de 2022

In my opinion this is a gem! Great location with a warm and welcoming host with a great sense of humour. The room was clean and had white and crisp sheets on a very comfy bed. If you are after pristine and trendy surroundings then this is not for you; you'd be better off paying double the amount and go and stay somewhere else. For the price this is just fine and the traditional decor was a treat as you don't see it that often anymore. And just wait, soon it'll come back in fashion!


You get what you pay for and this is as cheap as greasy chips at faulty Towers.

Opinión escrita el 16 de octubre de 2022

Old, dated, Faulty Towers. Step back into the 1970's. The rooms look like haven't been decorated since the 80's. They have most definitely been patched up here and there. It's like a poor DIYers paradise. We stayed in the attic. The single bed turned out to be a fold away camping bed. Not what was advertised. The bedding and towels were clean. It's just that everything was very dated. Patched mismatched wallpaper and paint. The bare minimum has been done. I didn't trust the electrics as we switched the heater on and the plug got very hot. The toilet roll was balanced on top of the dispenser because it was falling off the wall. We wouldn't stay there again. I don't know how people can give it 4 & 5 stars as it is very run down. We stayed for one night and we didn't use the shower as we'd rather drive home for an hour and use our own. The owners were nice, if a little abrupt in their manner. As lots of people have mentioned it smelt of an old cafe. We have spent today laughing at how bad it was. I'm sure it's quirky-ness might endear some people to it, but for us it was very run down. I have only included one photo as I didn't realise my daughter was on the others I took.