Club Mackerel Holiday Village

Club Mackerel Holiday Village de Foca está a solo diez minutos en coche de Puerto de Eski Foca y Mezquita de Fatih. Además, este hotel de playa se encuentra a 7,7 km de Castillo Beskapilar.Te sentirás como en tu propia casa en cualquiera de las 70 habitaciones con minibar. En tus ratos libres tendr...

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Quarto casal standard, Vista para o jardim

Max. 2 adultos


Quarto triplo standard, Várias camas, Vista parcial para o mar

Max. 3 adultos


Quarto casal standard, Vista parcial para o mar

Max. 2 adultos


Quarto triplo standard, Vista para o jardim

Max. 3 adultos


Estúdio standard

Max. 3 adultos y 1 niño

Información de la propiedad

Check-in a partir de las: 14:00

Check-out hasta las: 12:00

Club Mackerel Holiday Village de Foca está a solo diez minutos en coche de Puerto de Eski Foca y Mezquita de Fatih. Además, este hotel de playa se encuentra a 7,7 km de Castillo Beskapilar.Te sentirás como en tu propia casa en cualquiera de las 70 habitaciones con minibar. En tus ratos libres tendrás un televisor con canales por satélite para entretenerte. El baño privado con ducha está provisto de artículos de higiene personal gratuitos y secadores de pelo.En Club Mackerel Holiday Village tienes un restaurante a tu disposición, o la posibilidad de comprar algo de comer en su snack-bar o deli...

Ismetpasa Mahallesi Kucukayani Mevkii No. 187, Yeni Foca Yolu 6.5 - Foca, Esmirna - Pavo - 35683

Comodidades de la propiedad

Check-in a partir de las: 14:00

Check-out hasta las: 12:00

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Absolutely horrible!

Opinión escrita el 1 de agosto de 2022

I will start this off by saying that the overall hotel experience was horrible. There was no Wi-Fi so if that’s a dealbreaker already you don’t need to continue reading. The rooms: they were dirty, run down, the beds were weirdly placed and you couldn’t move them because the bed frames were stone. The beds for the children were put together in a weird way so either your heads would be together, your feet or your feet and head. So that’s not very comfortable. Aesthetically it was hideous and disgusting. The main room had a big dining table, a small EMPTY fridge, the only AC, the 2 beds for children (the mattress were medium sized) and a TV. Since the AC was blasting right at one of the mattresses we couldn’t keep it on for too long or the person sleeping there would catch a cold. The next room aka the parents room was just a smaller room with a big bed and 2 lights. The AC didn’t reach to that room so it was always hot. The next room (you have to go through the bedroom to reach it) was the bathroom. It was horrible. The toilet was dirty, you only get 2 toilet paper rolls, 2 bars of soap and 2 tiny bottles of hotel shampoo, the shower was unadjustable and very low set and there was only 1 tiny window. The bathroom always stank. The rooms had paper thin walls so you could hear your neighbors all the time and the insects outside were very nosy. You didn’t get any glasses. You also don’t get room service so you have to make due with the towels you get. If you want toilet paper you need to ask at the reception. The hotel offers: The hotel only provided poor breakfast, and you need to buy the drinks and they were VERY expensive. Not even the water was free. The pool was closed and quite dirty, the beach had a lot of rocks at the beginning. There weren’t enough laying opportunities because most would be occupied. The parking didn’t exist and it was very difficult to find a good spot to park our car. For those with allergies: If you have strong allergies against cats I wouldn’t recommend coming here in the first place because you will see stray cats from time to time. !!3 of us 4 also got poisoning. Likely from the hotel but we’re not too sure!! Please don’t come here if I could I would give this hotel a 0 star rating because it deserves none.

Hanife Y

Beyond terrible

Opinión escrita el 31 de julio de 2022

The place is below all possible expectations. The bathroom is from the ’80s. There was a broken lamp lighting the room. You need to be a magician to figure out how to lock the room door. The tv’s electric socket is wrapped with tape to make an extension, which doesn’t work by the way. The bathroom & toilet-looking room is all broken down, with no hot water whatsoever, and one towel with blood stains. the list goes on and on. . I have more choices on my breakfast table at home than their open buffet! Stay away. Definitely a waste of money and waste of time.


good location, bad hotel, bad service

Opinión escrita el 26 de agosto de 2016

We came here with my fiancee to spend a week with my parents. The hotel is in the bay, a few steps to the beach so the location is very good. My parents had come here in 2015 summer and they liked because it is next to the beach. However, with my fiancee, we had the worst hotel experiences ever. The food was rich, lots of mezes but apparently there was something wrong with it because we were all having diarrhea every other day. It was not poisoning but the food was certainly bothering our stomach. Most probably, they have a hygiene problem in the kitchen. The rooms are basic, but certainly, the quality is away from any professional business. In my parents' room, the toilet door was broken and the balcony door was broken and my dad locked outside. They came to fix it however, they supposed to fix any broken things before a customer check in!!!!!! They have the worst pillows you can ever see. When we ask for extra ones to put them on top of each other, they bring new ones with dirty pillow cases. They did not clean the room for three days and finally, when we asked them to clean they said they do not have a second key, that is the reason they did not clean. But when we gave the key, they only cleaned the bathroom floor and took the trash in the toilet only, not even in the room. No towel change, or anything else. That was really hard to understand somebody entered the room. The employees are not kind. They are not especially rude, however, they do not have the qualities that a hotel employee should have. An employee should not smoke while working especially when kids are around! Apparently, they do not have enough employees but they could have maybe some interns. At least these interns would teach them / to the owner of the hotel how a hotel should be, what are the minimum requirements a hotel should have (like clean rooms, hygienic kitchen,etc.) and how employees learn how to speak to guests. So in a beautiful bay, the worst service, and quality.


beautiful sea

Opinión escrita el 4 de agosto de 2014

It was not first time we came to this place. But this year its kind of disappointing. Of course the beach itself is nice and beautiful, sea is clean etc...But service, food and STAFF !!!! are horrible...I would like to mention its not cheap at all. for ex Cola is costing more than twice than in the cafe in Foca Town((( and on my opinion for the place of that level its exaggerating( Staff is not helpful at all. Very strange why they are so slow and bad working because this year this place is not so crowdy...It takes very long time to make an order, after to wait for the food, to double check if it was correctly done, because they always forget about the customers orders((( and even to pay a bill also is very hard job((( I can say they are not polite too(( And one more thing... I like music... But! they play music like its a night club or disco bar... It was really hard to relax or to communicate((( It was so annoying when I couldn't hear my companion seating next to me(((We had to shout( Its very sad because the place could be really beautiful ( as before). Its located in calm bay, with very clean water and great view! In the end i want to say if You can handle a loud music and not very helpful staff you may enjoy really wonderful sea in this place!


Deniz harika, mükemmel bir koy

Opinión escrita el 5 de agosto de 2022

Bu yıl 3 gün kısa bir tatil için arkadaşlarımızla gittik. ilk girdiğimizde odalardan dolayı şok olduk. Çok bakımsızdı ve temiz değildi, havuz boştu tadilatta olduğu söylendi. İlk başta başka yere gitmeyi düşündük, yoldan gelmiştik ve sahilde biraz takılalım dedik. Sahile indikten sonra karar değiştirdik. Beach çok güzel, deniz harika, çalışanlar güler yüzlü. Çocuklarla çok rahat ettik. Ama maalesef bu kadar mükemmel bir konumda bakımsız kalmış bir yer. Özellikle beach kısmındaki Caner Bey'in ilgisi, yardımseverliği için teşekkür ediyoruz. Lütfen odaları biraz düzeltin ve temiz olsun tekrar gelelim