at Glodok - CHSE Certified at Glodok está en una fantástica zona de Yakarta (Vieja Yakarta), a menos de diez minutos en coche de Bundaran HI y Monumento Nacional. Además, este hotel se encuentra a 1,7 km de Museo Histórico de Yakarta y a 6,9 km de Centro comercial Grand Indonesia.Te sentirás como en tu propi...

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Max Warmth No Smoking

Max. 2 adultos y 1 niño


Happiness Twin No Smoking

Max. 2 adultos y 1 niño


Happiness King No Smoking

Max. 2 adultos y 1 niño


Warmth No Smoking

Max. 2 adultos y 1 niño

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Check-in a partir de las: 14:00

Check-out hasta las: 12:00 at Glodok está en una fantástica zona de Yakarta (Vieja Yakarta), a menos de diez minutos en coche de Bundaran HI y Monumento Nacional. Además, este hotel se encuentra a 1,7 km de Museo Histórico de Yakarta y a 6,9 km de Centro comercial Grand Indonesia.Te sentirás como en tu propia casa en cualquiera de las 100 habitaciones con aire acondicionado y televisión LED. La conexión a Internet wifi gratis te mantendrá en contacto con los tuyos; también podrás ver tu programa favorito en el televisor con canales por cable. El cuarto de baño está provisto de ducha y artículos de higi...

Jalan Pasar Glodok Selatan No. 8 - 10 - Jakarta, Yakarta - Indonesia - 11120

Comodidades de la propiedad

Check-in a partir de las: 14:00

Check-out hasta las: 12:00

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Muy buen hotel!

Opinión escrita el 22 de septiembre de 2017

Es un muy buen hotel para alojarse. Es un edificio muy nuevo y grande en medio de un barrio de bastante pobreza. El restaurante del hotel es una muy buena opción para cenar. Tienen unos platos increibles.



Opinión escrita el 31 de julio de 2022

When we try to check in about 1245pm, the Front office staff with no greeting, no nothing, only rudely say we can't check in until 2pm, which is fine by me. but suddenly not long afterwards we were given paperwork, told to sign and given room on level 5, when we enter the room we were greet by the strong smell of sewerage . We thought ok, after spraying the room with air freshener the smell should be gone after a while, we went out for a while, when return to the room, the strong sewerage smell still there, so we call the receptionist (change to the afternoon receptionist but still as rude), she told us they will sent the technician to check, after a while no one come out, so we come down to the receptionist asked again, we meet the technician there and together went to the room, the technician also only spray the air freshener, we told him we did that couple hours ago went first get into the room it doesn't work. At first they don't want to provide with any other solutions, after my wife getting upset and saying we not staying here for only 1 or 2 days but 10 days, they RELUCTANTLY give us the new room on the same floor, but even then the technician With Rudeness saying to us "Once you change to the other room, you cant change room anymore" Well who want to keep changing hotel room while you're on holiday, if they give us the proper working room ready for its use in the first place. We definitely won't be back and won't recommend this hotel to anyone, As this is the worse hotel In-term of services and staff rudeness, that we staying for 10 days out of our 28 days holidaying in Jakarta this time.


Deceptive, but nice staff

Opinión escrita el 3 de marzo de 2020

Stayed for 3 nights in a room with double bed. I'm having some trouble reviewing as I'm always try to stay very reasonable (value for money, cultural differences, are the problems I encountered something personal...) but we ran into a lot of minor problems so I guess it all adds up a bit. First of all, the first photo on Tripadvisor is not what the hotel lobby looks like (as of March 2020). There is no 'dining hall'. Instead, breakfast is served in a small windowless room, making it feel a bit like a bunker. No problem, but with this, the Western breakfast options were really limited (some fruits, choco pops with milk, toast with jam, coffee/tea/orange juice). Asian breakfast seemed better but haven't tried it. I guess they are renovating the lobby as they were painting one of the walls when we were there. Trouble started in our room. The bathroom ceiling seems to slowly come down and was leaking water all the time (see one of my photos). The dripping will be right above you when you either use the toilet or are brushing your teeth, you couldnt get away from it. Also, there is nothing to clean the toilet with (brush or little shower head). As you can see from my photos, the bathroom wasn't very clean either. There's mold about everywhere and with the water dripping from the ceiling all the time, a nice and brown layer of dirt started to form on the floor around the toilet, yuk. Shower was nice (a part from the mold), there was a seat in it. There's also a rain shower but it didn't work unfortunately. In the bathroom we also found some used soap, and I'm all about no waste, but it seemed a bit dirty (you know when soap is laying in water all the time it starts to get smooshy and the sink gets white). Bed was good! Aircon was working, except from it leaking a lot. It go my suitcase wet and with the humidity it wasn't drying at all. There was no hairdryer. No place to store your clothes. No safe. No water boiler. They do give 2 free bottles of water every day. Another thing is that the bathroom and bedroom are seperated by non-see through matt plexiglass. I don't really know how to call it, but you don't see someone standing in the shower but all light goes through. So, if at night, someone needs to use the bathroom and turns on the light, they will surely wake up the other person as the light is quite strong. Nice idea but not really thought trough I guess. Our room was on the sixth floor but the view was basically the wall of the building next to it (this did not influence my rating though). My partner read that there is a smoking lobby but when he asked, they said it was being renovated. One night we wanted to order drinks at our room, but we were told that the fridge had broken down so there were no cold drinks. Fortunately there is a Indomaret right next to the hotel. No airport pick-up. Location is good, about 10minutes walk to Jakarta Kota and Glodok is directly next doors. Staff is very nice! They try to do everything they can to help out. However, they seem to be the only people in Jakarta who don't speak English. We asked basic questions (is there a pharmacy (I even said it in Bahasa: Apothek)?) and no one seemed to know the answer. I think the hotel is a bit outdated and needs some renovation.

Céline I

Good location near glodok and jakarta old town

Opinión escrita el 31 de enero de 2020

Stayed there for 2 nights with family. I choose the hotel because the location very near with glodok, pancoran, gloria, petak sembilan area and old town. You just need to walk from the hotel to gloria or petak sembilan. The room not spacious enough, but the hotel was clean and the price was reasonable.


Good hotels

Opinión escrita el 11 de octubre de 2019

Pros : interior, food/breakfast variation were adequate, staffs were helpful, cleanliness is good enough. Rooms were soundproof enough (only the door was not). Locations right in the heart of Jakarta Chinatown. Aircon is cold. They have chair in the bathroom for you to sit while showering (Nice!). There are lots of places to eat nearby and also convenient stores. My cons were only there were few small red ants. Got bitten twice. And the rooms were too dark. And the view was other rooms' windows. In conclusion, rate was worth it. The rest are very good. Up to maxone standard.