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This charming hotel is superbly located close to the beach, in the tourist area of Bahia Tenacatita. The hotel is surrounded by ample opportunities for exploration and discovery. A host of shopping, dining and entertainment opportunities can be found in the vicinity. The hotel offers visitors a grea...

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This charming hotel is superbly located close to the beach, in the tourist area of Bahia Tenacatita. The hotel is surrounded by ample opportunities for exploration and discovery. A host of shopping, dining and entertainment opportunities can be found in the vicinity. The hotel offers visitors a great setting from which to explore the area. The guest rooms are comfortable and individually designed. The hotel features a pool, where guests can enjoy a leisurely swim, for the perfect way to unwind. The hotel also offers an entertainment programme to ensure that there is never a dull moment. Guests...

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Reviewed 7 july, 2019

There are so many things wrong with this place. The hotel is so outdated. The AC didn’t work so it was even hotter inside the room than it was outside. The bathroom was corroded. The telephone didn’t work. The toilet didn’t flush. I tried calling to make a complaint about the toilet but the phone didn’t work so yeah. Came on a family trip. My grandparents came along and needed an easily accessible room. The front desk decided to put them on the 4th floor(highest one). After about 30 minutes of arguing they finally changed it. The food was on the good side, except they usually didn’t have open times for their restaurants where you are required to do by reservation only. Didn’t really drink much, but the drinks my wife and I had were actually good. I don’t recommend this place at all. It is hard to explain how bad this place is. I have gone to many all inclusive resorts and this is by far the worst one. Not worth it no matter what good deal you get!

juan antonio m

The beach boost it to a three star

Reviewed 11 april, 2019

The rooms are clean and comfortable. To be honest it was quite pleasant until 400 3 Day tours arrived. Overall we enjoyed it but unfortunately the facilities got swamped with the new arrivals, very clean washrooms became filthy. And long lineups for everything including difficulty finding a table in the buffet. The staff was very accommodating and did their best communicate even though only a few spoke English. If you like long walks on the beach this is your place the beach was beautiful.


Wedding trip

Reviewed 10 november, 2018

The good-Great view, secluded beach, great service, very safe, all inclusive, The bad- worse food ever and worse drinks! The hotel rooms need renovating. If you don’t speak Spanish, you will feel loss I honestly would not go back.


Ain't no 4.5*

Reviewed 9 march, 2018

This Resort is very family oriented Mexican catered 99% Spanish speaking Only Resort. the food is very much average the drinks were horrid for their pop was not carbonated at all .they have what looks like 16 year olds that are serving you booze and have no idea what you're trying to ask for .at night we have to put towels underneath our front door so the Cockroaches wouldn't find their way into our room. just a warning that there is no bar fridge you have to pay for your safe box and there is no blow dryer or fancy amenities like that. It is very much a basic No Frills Hotel. Wi-Fi is limited to the lobby only. The beach was beautiful unfortunately after a wedding they would set off firecrackers and in the two weeks we were here they were 5 weddings and they would never clean up their mess from the firecrackers on the beach I was very disappointed in that it made the beach look a little bit dirty . the pool always had more kids than adults in it so you can imagine how beautifully cleaned that water must have been cuz I rarely ever seen them go to the washroom inside the building . all the entertainment was in Spanish and very boring to watch cuz I had no clue what they were saying. Every afternoon was the same thing around the pool bingo in Spanish then they would have the introduction of the staff for the entertainment and they can never just speak into the microphone they always had to yell in the microphone. If you wanted to leave the resort you have to go half an hour away to the nearest town to do any kind of little bit of shopping they might have had. If you like to be secluded then this is the place for you if you want peace and quiet then it is not because if it wasn't firecrackers going off at midnight it was the Disco that was playing their loud Bass music till 2 in the morning even the air conditioning didn't drown out that noise. Would I recommend this place nope it needs a lot of repairs between leaky faucets keys that don't fit the doors properly and uneven sidewalks everywhere


not for foreigners

Reviewed 19 february, 2018

this is a nice hotel on a beautiful beach the food is normal Mexican fair good days bad days. the itallian restaurant served cold food, the Mexican rest. was pretty good and the arrefarcie was good/bad depended on what you ordered. great weather of course- no venders on the beach now having said that, it is totally dedicated to the Mexican people which is ok but if you are not. you don't really get good service they tend to ignore you the hotel is very isolated and offers no out side excursions so if you like to go to the country side or go into town it is expensive to taxi around. and you have to taxi as the hotel is 3 miles from hyway 200 no public transport. 40 mins from the nearest town. we did go snorkling with the aquatic contractor there and the captain was very careless with us and swamped the boat in the surf and we just about got drowned. My key floated out of my purse and they found it, never told me but the hotel was quick to tell me that it would be the cost of $75US to replace and I had 2 keys, not very good communication. the bugs are pretty bad here so bring lots of bug dope if plan to be on the beach. one night we had sewer gas in our room so bad that my guy was so sick I was pretty sure we were leaving in an ambulance the next day. so there you go there is good and bad here if you like isolation go for it if you don't ,go some where else in the neighbourhood there are other hotels on this bay more connected

darci d