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Ubicación Este hotel de playa está situado en la zona de Avsallar, en la costa que va desde Alanya a Antalya, un fantástico destino de vacaciones para todos los huéspedes. El hotel queda a unos 150 m de la playa y a 100 m del centro del complejo. Además, se encuentra a unos 15 minutos de trayecto de...

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Check-in a partir de las: 15:00

Check-out hasta las: 11:00

Ubicación Este hotel de playa está situado en la zona de Avsallar, en la costa que va desde Alanya a Antalya, un fantástico destino de vacaciones para todos los huéspedes. El hotel queda a unos 150 m de la playa y a 100 m del centro del complejo. Además, se encuentra a unos 15 minutos de trayecto de Alanya y a 20 minutos de la cueva de Dálmatas y del castillo de Alanya. El río queda a unos 4 km del hotel y el bosque dista aproximadamente 2,5 km. El aeropuerto de Antalya dista aproximadamente 100 km del hotel de playa. Instalaciones El hotel dispone de 66 alojamientos. Hay un vestíbulo y servic...

İskele Sk, 07410 Avsallar/Alanya/Alanya/Antalya, Turkey - Mediterranean Region - Pavo - 07410

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Check-in a partir de las: 15:00

Check-out hasta las: 11:00

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An "all inclusive" hotel that makes you pay for the most basic service

Opinión escrita el 28 de julio de 2022

We arrived at the hotel after not having slept for 24 hours due to having a night flight. We were told that the rooms weren't ready and that we'd only have access to them in 3 hours. They gave us access to one of the rooms near the sauna to store our luggage in and change into swimming suits. Then we found out that we have to pay 2 euro a day for one towel which we could bring to the beach or by the pool. So if you consider going there, bring your own towels. We also needed extra room cards, but after being told that we have to pay for those as well we decided against it. When we finally got to our rooms we didn't even know how to open the door because the lock was awful. You'd have to scan the card and then quickly push the door open otherwise it wouldn't work. We had younger children with us who couldn't open the door at all. Hotel advertises itself for having free and fast wifi. That's not true and I'd consider it false advertising. Yes, you can access free wifi but only in the reception area and if you're lucky enough. It's a real struggle to connect to it. As for wifi in the rooms, you have to pay 1 euro a day and the wifi you get is awful. It will keep randomly disconnecting and have a very poor connection. The staff isn't very friendly or welcoming at all. If you don't speak Russian, they won't even bother talking to you. During evening shows they only bothered speaking Russian or Turkish so as someone who doesn't understand either of those languages, I found it extremely boring. It was the same during different games that they have organized. They were only explained in russian. During one of the games in the pool, the staff was extremely aggressive. It was more about winning than having fun. As for massages, I didn't go personally but it had mixed reviews depending on who is massaging you. There was one woman and a man. I was told by one of the family members that the man was very touchy and didn't care much about touching inappropriate places which is disturbing. Room service was good the first day, but only because we had left a decent tip for the cleaners. After that they didn't even bother taking out trash from the balcony, restocking toilet paper rolls and shampoos or soap. We had to go to the reception and ask for all of that ourselves. Some of the towels left there were also dirty. Food was one thing that I have personally enjoyed. There wasn't a huge selection of what to eat, but it was enough. The only annoying thing about it was that the staff were very quick to remove plates from the tables in order to clean them. At times they'd just keep staring at you, as if wanting you to go already. Had a case where we left a plate with food on the table and went to get some water, but by the time we came back it was already taken away. The pool area was fine. They have a waterslide that kids enjoyed very much and there were enough sunbeds. The poolside bar served drinks like cocktails, beer, vodka, wine and sodas. If you wanted ice cream, you had to pay for it. The beach area was a bit confusing at first. This hotel shares a beach with another hotel. The other hotel has all its sunbeds right next to the water while Kolibri's sunbeds are behind and you have to walk a little bit. We were immediately told to go away when we sat on one of the other hotel's sunbeds. Even at midnight they have staff walking around there and they will tell you to go away despite it being empty. Overall it's not optimal if you have small kids who you need to look after constantly. There was a beachside bar too which only gives water and sodas. They also make burgers every day if you get hungry. We liked going there in the evening to sit on the sunbeds or go for a swim and I found the staff a bit annoying because they kept watching us and checking our wristbands to make sure that we’re from the right hotel. To sum it up, the hotel itself overall is fine, but there are these small things that I mentioned above that make the experience unenjoyable and kinda boring if you don't speak Russian especially.


Russian Hotel !!

Opinión escrita el 12 de julio de 2019

Hotel was clean, and well kept (for what you pay) don't expect 5 * as thats not what you are paying for... The hotel was mainly Russian/ eastern europeans and they catered for them soley. I don't expect people to speak english when abroad but even to be included would have been nice, as the animators spoke to other guests in english (germans, russians ETC) but never spoke to us. The music around the pool gave us headache every day as it was so loud you couldn't even speak to the person sat next to you. When the animators did pool games it seemed to be for their entertainment and not for the guests. All inclusive drinks consisted of Beer, Vodka and spiced vodka, Red or white wine (which they ran out of everyday) so unless you drank vodka forget having a drink. Food again was hit and miss. If you didn't get into the dining room when it opened (7pm) there was nothing left by 8pm and it wasn't replaced you just picked from what was left. Beach bar ok did chips and a bread as snacks but always cold and you had to pay for drinks so not all inclusive. There was a massage place in hotel however the guy was very touchy feely and didn't leave you alone he was very creepy and seemed to take pleasure in annoying us when we asked for him not to touch us. One plus note you didn't have to fight for a sunbed at 8am as we always got one around the pool..

Jay G

Hotel appalling service and food

Opinión escrita el 7 de octubre de 2018

Booked this through Hays travel, which I must say I would not do again, one advice on the hotel or anything about the service, we arrived at the hotel in the early hrs, first thoughts were this looks OK, then when we went to our room we not not enter, door key card didn't work, this happen almost every day, in the end had to get another key which we had to pay for, the young lady on the reception did her best to help though. Pool area ok, nice water slide, bar service was awful I mean realy bad, there is two bars and at any time no one serving, in the end people were helping them selves, customer ser ice was crap unless you russian or German, they didn't even Acknowledge us or even a hello on any day, now the food I've got to say I've stayed in at lot of budget hotels and the food here was awful I mean realy bad, no choice same food every day, the service in the restaurant was crap, half way through our meal they asked us the move out side because they wanted to clear the table, even though we had a least hr before the restaurant was to close, over all I would advise if your British do not stay at this hotel especially if you enjoy food because it awful at this hotel, to be fair the only positives about the hotel was its clean and tidy, the surrounding areas are real nice but the hotel service and food is crap unfortunatly, my advise stay away or you will be the only British here and not eve. Spoken to.


Nice room with a view

Opinión escrita el 3 de septiembre de 2018

Like most hotels in Alanaya, this too was an all inclusive hotel. I just stayed two nights and that is all I propably could handle. The room was fantastic! On the 6th floor, with a sea view, and a jacuzzi tub since I guess the package my boyfriend and I got was for the luxery flat, spacious and clean. But otherwise the food was pretty horrible, the beach was so so, music was too loud and not good. I think since there werer mostly Ukrainians staying at this hotel, they were trying to cater to them....not sure but how can you even mess up french fries! But for the price we paid the room in itself was worth it.

Vanessa T

Terrible hotel

Opinión escrita el 27 de agosto de 2018

In Kolibri hotel was just one good think - The animators. They were very friendy nice and one people who know how to talk in English. Food disgusting,room dirty, bar, poor.Very bad , not recomended to no one. The 4stars in that country means that city near , plus one star. Sea near plus star. Have a pool plus another star. And have rooms a balkon, thats it. If you go in this country choose 5 or 5+ star hotel because turkish people give stars for no reason. Very disappointed. I and my boyfriend are young so we a lot of travel go in the clubs and do another staff so we not stay in hotel a lot time, but if you are adult you want to stay in hotel few days just relax this hotel is not for you.

Gabija L