Tru by Hilton Oklahoma City NW Expressway

Si decides alojarte en Tru by Hilton Oklahoma City NW Expressway, te encontrarás en una fantástica zona de Oklahoma City (Central Oklahoma City) y estarás a menos de diez minutos en coche de Centro comercial Penn Square y Oklahoma City University. Además, este hotel se encuentra a 12,5 km de Zoológ...

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Quarto, 1 cama King, acessível, banheira (Mobility & Hearing)

Max. 2 adultos y 1 niño


Quarto, 2 camas Queen

Max. 4 adultos y 3 niños


Quarto, 2 camas Queen, acessível, banheira (Mobility & Hearing)

Max. 4 adultos y 3 niños


Quarto, 2 camas Queen, acessível (Hearing)

Max. 4 adultos y 3 niños


Quarto, 1 cama King, acessível (Roll-In Shower, Mobility & Hearing)

Max. 2 adultos y 1 niño


Quarto, 1 cama King, acessível (Hearing)

Max. 2 adultos y 1 niño


Quarto, 1 cama King

Max. 2 adultos y 1 niño

Información de la propiedad

Check-in a partir de las: 15:00

Check-out hasta las: 12:00

Si decides alojarte en Tru by Hilton Oklahoma City NW Expressway, te encontrarás en una fantástica zona de Oklahoma City (Central Oklahoma City) y estarás a menos de diez minutos en coche de Centro comercial Penn Square y Oklahoma City University. Además, este hotel se encuentra a 12,5 km de Zoológico municipal de Oklahoma y a 9,3 km de Parque State Fair.Te sentirás como en tu propia casa en cualquiera de las 86 habitaciones con frigorífico y televisión de pantalla plana. La conexión a Internet wifi gratis te mantendrá en contacto con los tuyos; también podrás ver tu programa favorito en el t...

4100 NW Expressway - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - Estados Unidos - 73116

Comodidades de la propiedad

Check-in a partir de las: 15:00

Check-out hasta las: 12:00

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Keep your expectations low. Good breakfast though.

Opinión escrita el 20 de enero de 2023

The door to the room next to us had been busted open at some point and had a padlock on it, no coffee pot in the room, fridge apparently did not work even when I turned it up (we had refrigerated medication but checked in after 8 pm so didn’t realize it wouldn’t stay cold in the fridge.) our room was run down looking. The remote didn’t work for the tv, I had to hold the batteries in while pressing buttons. Breakfast selection was excellent. Will not likely try another Tru.

Tammie H

Worst hotel on Earth

Opinión escrita el 20 de novembre de 2022

This hotel does not live up to Hilton standards. Book with caution. Guaranteed reservation is not guaranteed. Talk to front desk after book, day of arrival, and few hours prior to arrival. Make sure you talk to front desk.. not call center. If front desk is friendly then it’s likely a call center. Ask if they are physically at the hotel. Good luck.

Ryan F

I Don't Like To Complain..But I HAVE TO!!

Opinión escrita el 24 de octubre de 2022

Tru by Hilton Oklahoma City NW Expressway Google review summary 4.1 Very good 319 reviews 5 ★ 59% 4 ★ 20% 3 ★ 6% 2 ★ 5% 1 ★ 10% Rooms 3.3 Location 4.4 Service 3.8 What guests are saying "The nicest place I've stayed at for the price." "Friendly employees, clean facility, comfortable rooms, priced right." "Great service, clean room wonderful bed" More Families 4.0 Couples 4.0 Solo 3.7 Business 4.5 Reviews Search reviews People often mention R Beaula 2/5 a minute ago on Google Stayed 2 nights unfortunately. Not kid friendly at all..the extra storage space leaves wood frame exposed. All 4 of us hit our knees and shins on the beds more than once & smacked elbow on nightstand that is mere inches away from the bed . Bad design in my opinion.I'd rather go without the extra storage. An oversized bed frame is not Cool and Hip..its a safety risk or at the very least..UNCOMFORTABLE. Also.. the overnight front desk clerk that wouldn't even look at me when I was greeting her..talked to me like I was dumb & seemed annoyed by me even being near her. It was uncomfortable & made us not want to ask her for anything. Couldn't get extra pillow either night. Said none available. Very thin walls was loud all night with ppl talking in and down the hall all night & we were right off nw expressway hearing any and all traffic. Complained when checking out and was given excuses why lady was rude and why it's not kid friendly. Asked to be comped at least 1 of the 2 nights & was told to reach regarding refund since I booked through them. ( said that TRU Would have to deal w any refund & Sent refund request to the location's gm & will contact me soon. Hoping it gets resolved because I wouldn't mind giving a more family friendly hilton hotel a chance in the future. After our 1st night..nobody came to clean our room or get trash or towels..then on checkout day,they knocked every 30-60 mins seeing if we checked out yet.. We felt rushed. Never stayed at a hilton before, but it was a very bad experience for us. We Almost left after night 1 but didn't wanna lose the 100 dollars we paid & hoped day 2 would be better.. I let clerk & mgr know all of this at checkout & mgr told me..the night clerk has 2 Jobs & is going thru alot(we all got probs..most of us can still treat ppl with respect.). That shes not making excuses for her& that she'll talk w her on the next shift. On Both nights I could tell shes going thru bad times, her voice & overall presence made that clear. So I got empty apologies..followed by reasons that felt like rebuttals. She agreed the hotel is definitely not kid friendly..but it's not stated anywhere. She said for me to email someone complaining about the design and safety. If you ever stayed and haven't banged your knee or shin on the oversized bedframe sticking out for the "extra storage space" underneath..or if you haven't smacked your elbow on the pointy table half an inch away from the beds..I commend you. 2 kids & 2 adults were hurt at least 1-2 times each in that double queen 'accessible' room..the potential for injury shouldn't even be possible, but safety wasn't the focus when they designed the rooms, in my opinion I don't stay at hotels much, but We live nearby..had plumbing issue, & wanted to splurge on a nice 2 night stay which seriously was far from enjoyable. Waiting on, bc they said Tru would have to issue the refund, Said they got the refund request over to the gm & will notify me soon. if they make this right I'll update the review respectfully.


Racist, unprofessional, false accusations, liars, scammers

Opinión escrita el 13 de octubre de 2022

RUN BEFORE YOU BOOK YOUR STAY HERE!!! It has taken me a long time to write this review because I have been busy with my life. My experience at this hotel was unforgivable, uncalled for and disgusting. I have stayed with Hilton many times and am a diamond member. I was in town from California from 9/17/21-9/20/21 and had booked this hotel to stay in for my baby shower when I was 7.5 months pregnant. My parents had another room and my brother had his own room. We all flew in town that Friday night. On 9/18/21 I had my baby shower. I was getting ready in my room for the party with my husband and a man walked into our room while we were getting dressed. He had keys to the room and he had luggage with him, meaning he just checked in. I asked him how he got our room keys and he said the front desk gave it. I called the front desk and they said that we didn't check in last night we were marked a no-show. We had definitely checked in around 9/10pm and had keys to our room. I told them that the man saw us naked and it was weird that they would mark us as a no show if we slept in the room and had keys. They said they would fix this situation and apologized. After my party, which I was late to due to this issue, I went to the front desk to get my new keys. I noticed that I was charged over $500 more and had multiple charges on my bank card. I complained regarding the man seeing us naked and the safety issue and Covid risks, considering being 7.5 months pregnant. I also mentioned the extra charges, causing my account to be negative. The gentleman was professional and apologized and told me he would have us comped for our stay and refunded everything back after he spoke to his manager on the phone for about 30 minutes. He did proper damage control and made me happy. Sunday 9/19 came along and I checked my account when I was at my mother in law's house. I noticed that the refunds were reversed and my card was charged even more than what I had initially paid for my room. I called the hotel and explained and the front desk employee was very rude and said she can't call a manager or reverse the charges. I told her they took my last money I had and I needed it to eat. She simply told me, "Figure it out." I said ok since I had no other choice. After 10 minutes I got a call from my parents who are in their 60s stating that police and the hotel security are kicking them out of their room because they have the same last name as me and I was talking rude, which I wasn't. They told us to come get our stuff out of our room or they will throw it away. My brother was also being kicked out of his room for having the same last name as well. My husband, my brother and I rushed to the hotel. Police had been called and my parents were scared packing their bags. I asked the officer why we are being kicked out and he said the hotel told them we have drug activity going on and asked if the black guy (my husband) was with us. I'm not sure why she would ask that. Drug activity? I was 7.5 months pregnant in town for my baby shower and had family who came to the hotel to meet us before our party and to see us. My parents both have health problems and we're very scared. They were distressed and upset that our family was falsely accused of illegal activities with no proof. The police wanted to take me to jail for asking what drug activity and we didn't do anything. They stood by the door as I had to pack my bags and our baby shower gifts. The front desk lady had lied to the police and falsely accused us of drug activity in order to get us kicked out. We got kicked out of 3 different rooms, our room, my parents room and my brothers room just because they have my same last name. I had a panic attack and was crying because I couldn't believe how we were being treated. I have video proof and a photo of the front desk employee. We eventually had to leave and go book another hotel and waste more money at 6pm when we were checking out the day after on Monday. We would not me refunded any money according to the manager and front desk employee. My sister in law contacted Hilton corporate and spoke to a high level executive who I sent videos and proof to of our situation. He told me that the manager refused to give us a refund when he spoke to her, but he would mail us checks from Hilton to refund us for our whole stay. I appreciate this executive for listening to us and helping us with the issues we had. I have not gone back to Oklahoma since this experience and probably will never go back. I am disgusted at the prejudiced experience my family had (we are Middle Eastern and my husband is African American). I honestly want to sue for this experience my family had which caused stress, fear and loss of money. It is sad how Hilton hired unprofessional employees like this lady who lied. I will upload her picture with this review.

Armine R

Pets Out of Control

Opinión escrita el 19 de junio de 2022

This hotel allows pets in rooms but does not ensure they are controlled by their owners in common areas. I would highly recommend not staying here unless you like all animals. Breakfast is pretty lackluster. Seems they still use Ovid as a reason to cut quality and service. Finally fro t desk crew is untrained to recognize and greet honors guests and provide those benefits.