Catalonia Bávaro Beach, Golf & Casino Resort

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The best of the Caribbean awaits you in this hotel located on the first line of the famous Bavaro Beach. Its distinctive white sand, and turquoise waters, as well as the surrounding palm and coconut plantations, make this area a tropical paradise. You will be pleasantly surprised by the resorts wide...

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The best of the Caribbean awaits you in this hotel located on the first line of the famous Bavaro Beach. Its distinctive white sand, and turquoise waters, as well as the surrounding palm and coconut plantations, make this area a tropical paradise. You will be pleasantly surprised by the resorts wide range of day and nighttime activities, which will enable you to make the most of your stay in the Dominican Republic.

Punta Cana, 23000 . Higüey - Punta Cana, La Altagracia - Dominican Republic - 23000

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Family summer vacations 2022

Reviewed 4 august, 2022

We stayed in the resort for 8 days (7 nights), 2 adults and 2 children (6 and 11 years old). We booked for the privilege rooms and we got a room on the ground floor of Villa Nº 6. The overall experience was good and we strongly recommend. Starting with the staff, I have nothing to point. I have read some bad comments on TripAdvisor regarding the staff and I honestly cannot understand them. If you complain that they don't speak english you must understand that you are on a Spanish speaking country. Most of them understand english, and if not, they will very likely ask for help from another colleague. Since I speak both Spanish and English, I had ZERO PROBLEMS when addressing them. All of them were kindly and looking forward to help. Remember, if you are abroad, on a non-english speaking country, and you only speak English, remember that you are the one who has to adapt, not them. Yes, it is important that whoever is selling a service tries to satisfy all customers, but as a customer we must also adapt to where we are. Otherwise, the solution is simple, I'll go the other way. Not my case, I will for sure try to comeback. Regarding the room, I honestly think you got what you pay for. The privileged rooms have been refurbished recently and the conditions are good, although some construction details could be improved. AC works very well. Rooms are cleaned daily and towels replaced. Only one day they did not replace the towels. But after a phone call to reception, they got delivered in minutes. If you need/want to replace the pool/beach towels, then you must do it early in the morning, otherwise they will quickly run out. Still, they will get more during the day. Regarding the food, overall I will give it 4 out of 5, mainly because of diversity. Seems fine in the first days, but after 5/6 days you basically tried everything already. Drinks/cocktails are good and you have a lot to choose from. If you booked a privilege room, then I strongly recommend to get the drinks for the bar in the beach (for Privilege and Exclusive members only). The beach bar also provides pancakes throughout the day, and I really recommend them. I went to all the restaurants, and must say that the steak house is the best one (at least for me). Mikado is also good and serves a lot of food. On the Italian restaurant, I had to order my beer 3 times to get it delivered by the end of the meal :). Spanish tapas are OK. Regarding the surroundings, the gardens are very well maintained and clean. The casino is small, but I also did not expect more than that - it's ok if you want to spend some time and waste some money :) The beach suffers from the same problem as all the beach in Republica, the sargassum. But even here we got lucky - during our stay (26th July to 2nd of August) in the beach in front of the hotel there was a area that was clean. You could walk far away without sargassum and you could even feed the fishes. The staff cleans the sargassum daily, and they really keep an effort in keeping it clean - although, you cannot fight mother nature. You see a lot of families, with young kids. There is people from Portugal, Spain, France, among other countries in Europe. You also find people from the US and some other spanish speaking countries in America. If you prefer quieter environments, then you should look for the Adult only hotels. Kids loved the beach and the pool. My final rating would be 4.5 out of 5. It met my expectations and the money I paid.


Not worth the money, IMO

Reviewed 31 july, 2022

The positives- SOME staff are wonderful, kind and happy to be there. The grounds are well kept. It's clean..... The negatives- a lot of staff are inconvenienced without a tip! Rooms are very dated with bits hanging off the walls and leaking AC units. (The maids don't always leave towels, toilet roll or put sheets on the bed) Food is edible, but bland. There's groups of (French) teenagers running amok without adult supervision. Be careful walking across the laminate flooring (near reception) after rain, it's like aquaplaning in a flip flop 🫣! The 'entertainment' by the Lookea team at 8pm is strange and all done for French guests, which is odd in a Spanish speaking country.


Unforgettable... And not in a good way.

Reviewed 30 july, 2022

Pros, the beach and grounds were lovely and the people were very nice. Cons, issues on check in as our room was not ready and they could not accomadate our family of 4 on a ground floor room (with pushchair) so we had to spend the first night in a room that was not what we paid for. Both rooms were dated and in much need of TLC. The food was not good, alot of the time it was not hot and on numerous occasions i had to steer my children away from some food as it was covered in bugs. All food was uncovered and being open air there were numerous birds and animals that came in to the eating areas. The birds were constantly eating from the tables and were often shooed away but rarely cleaned up after. Unfortunately me and my daughter became ill following eating only at the hotel, resulting in a 3 day hospital stay. As the eating areas were open air they were extremely hot and not well air conditioned. Holiday was a complete shambles and would not return.



Reviewed 28 july, 2022

DO NOT GO HERE!!! Drugs was planted in my Jeans upon returning to the UK! Luckily they were not found at the airport as i currently would be in a Dominican Jail right now!!! Offered drugs as soon as we arrived at the resort off one of the greeters called “fernando” and offered drugs on a daily basis around the resort, this being mainly in the pool bar toilets and bar toilets, even our 19yr old son and his girlfriend was offered them on a daily basis…I have raised a severe complaint with TUI and I will await their reply.. wife is now thinking she was spiked on several occasions seeing she wasn’t well virtually upon arriving and whilst there….also logged this with my local police and the British embassy here in the UK and the BRITISH embassy in Santo Domingo… Enough of that now here’s the review of everything else… Food was shocking, especially on how hot the main restaurant was, absolutely unbearable heat which made you nauseous all the time. The Dominicans seem to hate my wife and sons girlfriend seeing they were English, this happened all around the resort, but they were totally fine with us, the men. Son had to change rooms twice, they were like pet shops with the amounts of insects there were, cockroaches, lizards, spiders, you name it, it was in that room… water dripping through the light fittings, curtains with holes in them, toilet seat was broke, electrics really unsafe with the wiring, (son is an electrician low and behold) air con didn’t work in the extreme temperatures, fridge got replaced which also didn’t seem to work… Son got hounded about his “Valentino” man bag, and felt scared so didn’t use it again from the first night, also myself who worn a decent tag watch, “whats the time on a daily basis, pulling my arm to them… swiping my wife’s arm for her Pandora bracelets… was definitely a holiday from hell and no one especially us (brits) should go through that with the amount of money we paid… ABSOLUTELY SHOCKING and TUI should drop that Hotel from their portfolio of where to visit as this is damaging their reputation severely… I HAVE POSTED ABOUT MY EXPERIENCES ON THEIR FACEBOOK PAGE BUT ALL MY COMMENTS HAVE BEEN REMOVED AND I SEEM TO BE BARRED FRONM THE PAGE!! IF YOUR BRITISH…. DO NOT GO TO THIS RESORT YOU’VE ALL BEEN WARNED!!! TUI… please check it out yourselves you’ll be very really shocked and know this review is the Honest TRUTH!!!!!


Great Resort

Reviewed 26 july, 2022

Love this resort! This is my 3rd time in 7 months. We recently joined the Exclusive Travellers Club because the team is so great and inclusive! Entertainment Team - I cannot say enough great things about the entertainment team - they are the WOW factor of this resort! Ricky, Mari, Jose and Francisco are truly the backbone to this resort. They always know how to ensure everyone is having a great time. Rooms - Very clean and modern but would definitely recommend the privilege rooms over the standard (worth the extra few dollars) Restaurants - A lot of variety available. Service can be pretty slow at times. Reception - Prior to becoming part of the exclusive travellers club, we had to check in at the front reception (like everyone). Check in process is VEEY LONG. They are so slow but we accepted it and just go with the flow. We did have a HORRIBLE experience with Santiago (from the reception desk). He is a liar and has a horrible attitude. We asked for a golf cart to take us to our room and he said it will be available shortly. We waited 20 mins and then I went and asked for an update. Again he said it will arrive shortly, so we continued to wait. Another 20 mins went by and I asked him what was going on, to which he said “actually there are no more golf carts available tonight.” This was very frustrating and felt like he was making a joke out of us. I told him I would be speaking with a supervisor in the morning and he said “you can do whatever you want.” This whole interaction happened while he was sitting comfortably in the office - he refused to come to the desk and talk to me. His arrogant and unprofessional attitude was uncalled for and very rude! This is not the correct person to have working at the front desk - as a point of contact for guests.