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This lovely hotel is in Civic Center. There are a total of 80 guest rooms on the premises. Moreover, there is a wireless Internet connection at hand in communal areas. The reception desk is open all day long.

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This lovely hotel is in Civic Center. There are a total of 80 guest rooms on the premises. Moreover, there is a wireless Internet connection at hand in communal areas. The reception desk is open all day long.

Check-in starts at: 15:00

Check-out ends at: 11:00

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Worst Hotel Ever

Reviewed 28 november, 2021

I’m a solo traveler and do not require much in terms of comfort, amenities etc.. However the conditions of this hotel were extreme. Flies everywhere, hallways smell of piss, bed sheets were stained everywhere with burn holes all over it. Floor wasn’t vacuumed, night stands don’t have drawers. I wasn’t going to leave a negative review until the manager started yelling at me. I had paid for another night (or so I was told). Later there was hard knocking with a lady yelling Spanish (I don’t speak Spanish unfortunately). I figure it was housekeeping so I yelled that I was okay. Come to find my card key didn’t work. Not a problem. There was a sign on the lobby door that said out for lunch, be back in 30 minutes. Again, not a problem. I was waiting. Manager comes up and begins yelling at me that I was disturbing her lunch by standing there. I tried to explain how I don’t speak Spanish and thought I had everything sorted out and I was just waiting for her to get back. But she didn’t seem to want to hear anything I had to say. It was shocking to be honest to see someone as unhelpful as her. I’ve rarely experienced such poor service. I felt obligated, therefore, to write this and tell everyone to stay away.


The WORST hotel on the face of the earth

Reviewed 31 october, 2021

It's basically a shelter rented out to the homeless, drug addicts, prostitutes and criminals. I booked online thinking I was getting a good deal in SF until I arrived and couldn't dare sleep in this flithly, sleezy, criminal surrounded roach motel and left for another place an hour or so after check in.


Manager is a THIEF

Reviewed 20 may, 2020

I stayed here last year with my partner and accidentally left my ring behind in the room. I called them 10mins after we had left and asked if she could send it on to Houston for me and charge for the postage. She said had found it and was happy to, however when I arrived in Houston the ring never showed up. I called her multiple times and she hung up on me every time then stopped answering my calls. This was my grandmothers engagement ring and the only thing of centimental value I had left of her. Absolutely still devastated about this till this day....hope she gets her karma. Can’t believe the morality of some people.


RUN AWAY!!!!!!!!

Reviewed 3 october, 2019

Upon arrival, my wife and I were scared out of our minds. Homeless poeple who are manic surround this place. There were 2 cops that showed up while we were there becuse they got a call about someone on drugs staying at the hotel. The front desk told us people get their cars broken into all the time. We walked to our room, and it literally looked like a prostitute/crack house. We immediately cancelled our reservations and left. You will literally risk your life by staying here. It is absolutely dangerous and the hotel looks horrendous. PLEASE. I AM WRITING THIS REVIEW TO LITERALLY SAVE LIVES.



Reviewed 25 september, 2019

Room 214: Smells like urine and sewer. Trash in the room, holes in the bathroom door, dirty room carpet, open electric wiring, dirty beds, dirty bathroom. The place should be locked down! Looks NOTHING like the pictures. NO REFOUNDS FROM THE MANAGER! DO NOT RENT!