About Hurb

Who we are

We are a team of passionate travel fanatics. We believe that exploring the world with those we love creates lifelong memories, stories to share, strengthens bonds and makes us happier.

Our biggest goal is "To make travel Easier”. We feel we were born to connect people to their dreams, providing the best travel experiences at an affordable price.

With over 20 million registered travelers, 35 thousand destinations worldwide and more than 12 million Facebook followers - making it the world's largest tourism fan page - we have become the leading online travel agency in Brazil.

Planning on going public in the medium term, in 2017 we have implemented a Board Council, with André Laport as a Chairman.

How we do it

Hotel reservations is our strong suit. Every 5 seconds, 1 booking is successfully made and confirmed via our website, without the traveler having to contact the hotel. We are present all over Brazil and other 4,000 cities abroad, taking more than 2.85 million people to their desired destination. But we won't stop there!

In addition to hotel booking, on our Brazilian website we also offer travel packages, with accommodation, flight tickets transfers, tours and more - according to what the traveler has chosen and purchased.

Why travel with Hurb?

Because we put the customer in the first place! This is why we have won 46 awards to date, among them: the recognition of Best Customer Service in Brazilian tourism - by the Exame / IBRC Award; Three-time winner of the Época Reclame Aqui award - The Best Companies for the Consumer in Tourism and Leisure/Services and also the GPTW in retail award as the best company to work in Brazil in the retail segment, for three years in a row.

In addition to that, the traveler is not required to make any payment at the property (with the exception of environmental taxes, charged in some destinations).

…that and much more, after all, our journey continues! # It'sAllAboutPeople