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Hotel & Spa do Vinho

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Prices are based on single or double occupancy. You may incur additional charges at the time of check-in for additional room occupants as well as the Resort Fees and taxes applied on the additional occupants charges. <br/>

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Prices are based on single or double occupancy. You may incur additional charges at the time of check-in for additional room occupants as well as the Resort Fees and taxes applied on the additional occupants charges. <br/>

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An experience I absolutely recommend

Reviewed 2 march, 2022

I do believe this is the best Hotel + Spa in Brazil! From reservation, the valets to the amazing premises and gastronomy! ALL IMPECCABLE! I have been spending periods at this wonderful place for over 10 years and it just gets BETTER and BETTER! Thank you team! Thank you Ms Debora! We will be back soon! We feel so welcome and cherished !


Below expectation experience

Reviewed 6 january, 2022

Great employees to welcome and serve However the room was old, bath towels were torn and no additional service offered (e.g. night bed fold with water and chocolate) In addition the common areas like tennis court or lobby are old Below expectation for an autograph collection hotel Not worth the value paid Would not go back or recommend


Horrible experience at this so called “signature 5 star place”

Reviewed 1 november, 2021

We went to Spa do Vinho to try to dine. We stayed there last year and it was great! Service was impeccable! This time they were not available and we tried booking the sunset experience at the restaurant. The day before I called nearly 13 times and the phone line just got disconnect. Yesterday when we finally got an answer they said it was probably going to be canceled due to the weather forecast but they had some cancelations and would call if they re-opened. Since there was no storm (nor a phone cal either), we decided to go to the restaurant to try. When we arrived we were given a parking ticked and at absolutely no time were informed about a fee charge. When we got to the host he said they could not accommodate us. Even though we were frustrated since nobody called back, we were ok since no one had the obligation to do it since we did not have an initial reservation. When we got to the gate the person informed us that we had to go back to the reception to validate our parking ticket. Once there a person named Mariana charged us for it. We explained we had nearly spent 10 min at the place and she still said in a not polite manner we had to pay. And we did. When we asked for a receipt she said they don’t do receipts for a parking ticket. We insisted since there is a fiscal law in Brazil that states that one must be issued for any service or product you sell. She continuously saying it was not a practice at the place. I asked to speak to the manager SEVERAL times and she said he would not come to talk to us. About 30 min later when I said I was going to call the police then, since they were going against the law, a manager (Nicolas) who barely said good afternoon to us said their finance department was closed and if I wanted I could get a receipt today (again against the local legislation). I went through the entire story and he as extremely rude and I said I could call the police. Not to mentioned he was wearing a mask only half way in his face, configuring another law breakage since it’s mandatory at the city). It was a small fee and honesty I wouldn’t mind paying had I been told before. It was a matter of wasting my time being poorly treated at a “5” star hotel! I was promised to be sent the receipt today during business hours and it is now 6PM and nothing is sent. I will never return to the place. As I said, I never expected to be treated the sai I was at five star “signature” place! Having to tell the receptionist I was going to call the police to have a manager as rude as she was to come talk to me it’s absolutely unacceptable. Not the Marriot treatment I am used to! When we left we also noticed the restaurant was not fully occupied, so again it shows no care for the guests! One thing is for sure, I would never return and will make sure the authorities know about the fact that the hotel is going against the legislation. Very sad since last year we had a great experience.


Jewel on the top of wine country or called wine valley

Reviewed 21 september, 2021

This is a non sponsored review. Hotel is managed by Marriott group under Autograph collection. Local front desk and drivers are very friendly and welcoming. The building stands out since it is on the top of a hill and it is L shaped with 6 floors. Hotel is surrounded by orchards , cypress and vines. Absolutely beautiful. Room 203 is bare and a bit outdated. Sleep quality is great Shower and towels are of good quality Cleanliness is very good . Breakfast is the hidden secret, great cakes, eggs, juices and breads. The mostly attentive staff is the bartender named Alcindo Look for him to get local wine tips, cocktails and ideas. He is always pleased to help guests. Check in procedures are done on separate round tables. David was keen to help and was a bit on rush. First time there was expecting to have a more attention to service. Staff is trained to ask guests to book all ac. This is boring and daunting. During sunset staff asks you to book for a sunset wine tasting. As I arrived had no time to decide or not. I just showed up at 1745h and tables and seating area was packed with guests. Booked a table at 9pm. Hostess did not know my table, ordered steak with risotto. Medium cooked to well done. Steak was medium rare. Called manager Dejair and addressed the issue. Following day went to the veranda to enjoy sunset. It was not allowed because I did not have a booking!! It was Monday and hotel was not packed. Totally unexpected and unbelievable. Alcindo the local bartender fixed a table for me in the main lobby. No other staff or management or director spoke to me. Later on during dinner manager Dejair, local sommeliers Felipe and others were attentively. Hotel has to retrain staff to be less stiff and more prone to serve guests . Local staff Felipe, Dejair should be trained to offer personalized TIPS to clients. Hotel has to have a contemporary and more engaging customer experiences, wineries, local foods etc Pros Location: on the top of a hill facing vineyards Cons Stiff and dated client experience. Some of hotel procedures and staff training need to be updated immediately : hostess stands up to check if guests made reservations or not to the restaurant


Nice view with terrible service.

Reviewed 24 august, 2021

We went for lunch at the restaurant’s hotel for a lunch. Place is fancy and we expect a nice meal before going for more wine tasting experience. The meal never came after a 1 1/2 h waiting. No reasonable explanation was given and we had to leave, so we asked for the bill. No apologies at all. I don’t recommend this place for a meal nor stay at this expensive and low quality service hotel. A complete disaster!!