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Sports, history, fun, exploration and adventure can all be experienced at the exciting attractions near this clean and comfortable Independence hotel. With our convenient location near all the attractions in Independence and with Kansas City close by, guests are able to explore so much of the area w...

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Sports, history, fun, exploration and adventure can all be experienced at the exciting attractions near this clean and comfortable Independence hotel. With our convenient location near all the attractions in Independence and with Kansas City close by, guests are able to explore so much of the area without having to travel far. Sports fans will delight in visiting Independence Events Center, Kansas City Chiefs Stadium, Kansas City Royals Stadium, Adair and Hidden Valley Sports Complex, Sprint Center and NASCAR -Kansas Speedway. Families often discover and learn new things at the nearby Truman L...

4048 S Lynn Ct, Independence, MO 64055, USA - Independence, Missouri - U.S - 64055

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Check-in starts at: 15:00

Check-out ends at: 11:00

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Reviewed 6 january, 2021

WHERE TO START I booked with Expedia which I Always due! My best friend and I were traveling 14 hours! and wanted a good nights rest, we book this hotel and get to it confused because we can not find the address! BUTT WHAT WE DID FIND is a vacant MUTHA EFFING HOTEL! no lights no bodies NO NOTHING! SO next door is a super 8, at this time we were just tired so we walked in paid for a room fell asleep the next day there is still a charge on my card! and expedia said "we will call and email the hotel to get this resolved" So they said wait 48 hours and YET STILL NOTHING! they said since they could not get ahold of the hotel there is nothing they could do! THIS IS A VACANT NOT WORKING HOTEL! DO NOT STAY THERE!!!


Easily Worst Hotel Stay Ever

Reviewed 15 august, 2020

Unfortunately this used to be one of the nicest hotels in the area. New ownership has obviously changed that. Upon arrival I was given a room with a AC unit that didn’t work, that’s understandable. They gave me another room that was on the end of the hotel it appears they house all the weekly people. These aren’t your normal weekly hotel stayers, they were up all night, on a Thursday mind you, going from door to door slamming doors and causing all sorts of a ruckus. At one point at about midnight I went out to my car to get something and say a guy starting a fire in the parking lot. I’ve stayed in a lot of places in all kinds of hotels. Never have I had the thoughts of not taking things out of my car in fear that someone might see me taking stuff out and hoping I left something in my truck and breaking in. Or the fear of someone breaking into my room. Second night I had no plans of going back, but due to my work getting done late, about 1am I was going to try and get a couple hours of sleep before driving 3+ hours home, I mean I did pay for 2 nights. When I went to enter my room a woman walked out and asked what I was doing, then I got in my truck to leave and was confronted by one of the other tenants. Do not stay in this hotel!



Reviewed 4 august, 2020

Two years ago this inn was great. Now ,I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone. Toilet was plugged up, and went to the front desk. Didn't even have a plunger. Middle of the night we had dripping from the bathroom ceiling. In the morning found water dripping into the closet.



Reviewed 2 august, 2020

I wish zero stars was an option. We were on a family road trip and traveling thru Kansas City. I booked the hotel thru Hotwire. 95% of the time I have great results with Hotwire and Priceline but this is one of the times that it was a total bust. We pulled into the parking lot and at first glance it looked pretty rough. It was a motel, with the room doors facing the outside. It looked like a Best Western but apparently they are no longer part of the franchise. It was late and we were tired from traveling and at first we were just gonna tough it out. My husband drove me up to the lobby door. As we got closer, we saw people outside everywhere, the pool, just sitting outside their room doors and roaming around the parking lot. The front door literally had sheet of paper with the name “Truman Inn” typed out and taped to the door. It had a sign on the door that said “locked at all times.” I assumed it was a COVID precaution, although based on how everything else looked, I don’t think they were taking too many precautions. I rang the doorbell expecting an employee to greet me and either check me in outside the door or invite me to the front desk. No one came to the door. I rang the doorbell multiple times. I then proceeded to call the hotel. No answer! At this point, my husband had been looking around even more and said “get in the car, we are not staying here.” I called Hotwire and even the service rep said it was weird when he called the hotel to see what had happened. The employee would not give him his name. They said they were open and refused to refund our money. To Hotwire’s credit, they were every understanding and was able to refund all but 20.00 of our money. I would have just taken the complete loss to not stay there. We booked at another hotel and stayed in a nice, clean room.



Reviewed 5 july, 2020

We had been in another city for a meeting, and thought we would stop in Kansas City on the way home. We/I had stayed numerous times at the Best Western Truman Inn many times, and had always had a good experience. So we thought we'd stop there since there were restaurants, shopping close by. I checked in, and noticed that there weren't the usual staff at the counter. Had to wait quite a while to get in. We got a room, and went to settle in for the night. We noticed there were numerous beat up cars parked, people hanging out all over the place, loud talking - nothing was as it used to be. The room was "clean" (to their standards), the door was filthy, and looked like it had been kicked in and puttied back together, there was an "odor" about the room, we were "gifted" with a bottle of ketcup and something in a bag (didn't touch it!). Just not a good feeling! During the night, I was woke up with some woman walking down the hall, yelling at someone, then a couple of guys were having a major discussion - don't people know that others are sleeping at 0300?? When I got home, I checked my bank to see if the transaction had gone through. The only thing I could find was a charge to "Americas Best" a rather "seedy" hotel. So I called the Best Western Customer Service. Found out that the BW Truman Inn IS NO LONGER WITH BEST WESTERN! It IS Americas Best (ha!) The BW CSR said that he would notify the Marketing Department about this. I told him they also STILL have the BW logo on the building front. I sure wish I had taken pictures!!! Do not stay there! It isn't what it used to be! We will have to find "another home away from home!