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Ubicación del establecimiento Si decides alojarte en Quality Inn & Suites, te encontrarás en una fantástica zona de Indianápolis (Pike) y estarás a menos de 15 minutos en coche de Indianapolis Motor Speedway y Indiana Convention Center. Además, este hotel se encuentra a 14,7 km de Lucas Oil Stadium ...

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Check-in a partir de las: 15:00

Check-out hasta las: 11:00

Ubicación del establecimiento Si decides alojarte en Quality Inn & Suites, te encontrarás en una fantástica zona de Indianápolis (Pike) y estarás a menos de 15 minutos en coche de Indianapolis Motor Speedway y Indiana Convention Center. Además, este hotel se encuentra a 14,7 km de Lucas Oil Stadium y a 10,3 km de Children's Museum of Indianapolis. Las distancias se expresan en números redondos. - Eagle Creek Park: 1,6 km - SportZone: 4,8 km - Indianapolis Motor Speedway: 6,1 km - Eagle Creek Golf Club: 6,5 km - Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame Museum (museo del motor): 6,9 km - Newfi...

5011 Lafayette Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46254, USA - Indianápolis, Indiana - Estados Unidos - 46254

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Check-in a partir de las: 15:00

Check-out hasta las: 11:00

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Opinión escrita el 10 de marzo de 2017

Un hotel muy viejo cuyas alfombras y mobiliario datan de la fecha de su apertura seguramente. ofrece desayuno de cortesía, donde ni siquiera el café está bueno. Además, el hotel está en medio de la nada.

Alfonso G

Affordable, comfortable hotel!

Opinión escrita el 15 de agosto de 2022

I was traveling with friends for Drum Corps finals and booked this hotel to save a little money and this was a good find! Granted, we don't require much more than a bed to sleep in and breakfast before hitting the road. Check-in was fast and seamless. The room we stayed in looked recently remodeled and had PLENTY of outlets and USB ports for all our devices (four phones). However, a couple of the outlets were loose and couldn't hold our charging blocks. Breakfast in the morning was great offering juices, coffee, two types of cereal, eggs, buicuts and gravy, and waffles! The only thing that was missing (IMO) was fruit, but that's okay! The two odd things I found about the hotel were: 1) Our window faced out the back into a residential area and there was not fence separating the hotel property and the backyard of a house. We looked directly into someone's backyard and could see into their house. 2) The keycard readers on the doors look like they are from the late 90's and it was hard get the card in the slot just right. If you are looking for an affordable place to sleep and have a decent breakfast, I would highly recommend this hotel!


Dante's Ninth Ring -- unprepared/criminally dirty room

Opinión escrita el 1 de junio de 2022

We have stayed with Choices Hotels before and have never had any major/untypical issues until this stay. I am a Choice Privilege member. Unfortunately, this was our first encounter with Dante's Ninth Ring of Hell. We had a room booked here for a stay in late May 2022. I made the reservation 7 months earlier on 12 October 2021. Confirmation Number: 49829671. Our reservation was for a standard King room. After checking in, I walked through the first floor room before bringing my luggage in, a practice I typically do. The room was a king, but it had no furniture save a table (cleverly shimmed with napkins - see pictures), a bed, a dresser, and a whirlpool tub (which I did not request). Overall, the room was shockingly poor in terms of SECURITY, REPAIR, CLEANLINESS, and UTILITY (gosh, aren't these basic services for a hotel). The automatic magnetic key entry door did not work properly and intermittently failed throughout our stay. There was no remote for the TV. Ceiling had visible water spots. The windows were so dirty you almost did not need to close the blinds. The bedspread had stains and holes in it. The pillowcases and pillows had very very visible yellow stains on them, the sink did not drain properly, the bath towels had dark oil or grease stains, and the dresser (bottom drawer) was coated in some type of clear, viscous liquid. The a/c DID work, however. The room was either the hotel's "cannibalization"/employee break room or a room they rented out by the hour for intimate encounters. I requested a new room but was told none were available. When I started to show the desk clerk some of the issues, he was polite but not interested in pleasing me. Rather, he was determined to "fix" some of the issues I pointed out. He did find us a remote. His solution to the plugged/slowing draining sink was to adjust the water from the faucet slower. I folded at this point as voicing my concerns was falling on deaf ears. I did get a remote delivered. This, btw, is what is posted on the hotel's website. "A note from Quality Inn & Suites Choice Hotels takes pride in its hotels’ long-standing dedication to cleanliness, including our 150+ point cleanliness checklist already on every housekeeping cart as part of the Room Condition & Cleanliness program. As part of the Commitment to Clean initiative, Choice Hotels has provided our franchisees additional educational resources - enhanced best practices and extensive cleaning, disinfecting, hygiene, and social distancing best practices and protocols - leveraging partnerships with industry leaders and providing hotels with the latest resources and training. In addition, every Choice-branded hotel will designate a “Commitment to Clean Captain,” who will complete best-in-class cleanliness training and will be responsible for incorporating the new protocols into their hotel’s operations. Choice is a signatory to the U.S. Travel Association’s Industry Guidelines to Ensure the Health and Safety of Travelers."


Not good

Opinión escrita el 9 de abril de 2022

We arrived at 9:30 pm after driving for 7 hours. Our 50 something old bodies were objecting loudly and I could feel the road moving under my feet still. Getting checked into the room we had reserved 3 weeks prior was one of two things we wanted at that moment; the other being dinner because we had already waited to long to feed my diabetic wife. We entered the lobby doors and stood infront of the front desk We expected to be greated by a warm friendlly face who was awaiting our late arrival as we had called hours earlier to let them know we would be late. That was not what greeted us. No. What greated us was a sign informing us they were assisstibg another guest. It went on to tell us to just leave the keys on the counter. Not particularly helpful. No adivice how to get checked in by the employee absent front desk. We tried calling thinking that surely.they took a cordless phone with them...but we just heard it ring unattended behind their sign. For about 20 minutes we waited. Sore, hungry, needing to use a restroom. Wen the young lady finally emerged, she walked down the hall towards the front desk. She neither acknowledged our existence nor did she appologize for the wait. She entered a door with a hand writted sign on it that said "WARNING if you are behind the front desk you best be front desk staff." Finally the young lady arrived at her post behind the front desk. She wore a plain white tank top that clearly showed a large white gauze bandage taped to her just under her right shoulder. There appeared be a bulge in the dressibg that looked like a drainage tube under the gauze. Silent I approached her in much the same way one would approach any mythical being. She also did not speak and finally looked at me square in the eyes, Still silent, and gave me an exaggerated shrug and eye roll that clearly asked the annoyed question of what the Hell do you want and why are you disturbing me. She eventually got us checked in and gave us keys. Since there was now an urgency if feeding my diabetic wife we went right back to the car that for hours was our prision and sought food having not yet seeing our room. It was just before 10pm when we left and as luck would have it, in this part of Indianapolis everything closes at 10. Everything. We got off the road and searched for something, anything to eat. For over 30 minutes we called restaurants off of Google that said they were open only to learn they had not updated their hours that had changed due to COVID. We finally found a place open 7 miles away and handeled the pressing concern. We arrived back to the hotel and entered our room. The king sized bed was cornered in the far side of the room surrounded by mirrors. The floor had a stickiness and a squeak under my shoes that dared me to ask why. I didn't. All cable channels were out, a condition I expected due to yet another hand written sign at the front desk that unappologetically informed me this paricular feature would not be avaliable despite being listed on their website and us having paid for it. The whirlpool tub nested in the wall surrounded by mirrors scareaming in concert with the bed 'welcome to the 70's", had a waxy yet sticky sheen to it that did not proclsim clean to me. The control knob on the wall was broken. No matter, after the long delay we did not have time to mess with a two person tub and figured it would likely run out of hot water and prevent a shower anyway. So we each showered. The shower door was off alignment and would not shut. The shower itself made Superman's phone booth spacious. You literally had to get out, turn around. And reenter half way through. Back at the bed there were no electrical outlets on either side of the bed for phone chargers or either of our CPAPs. The next morning we woke. Packed. Not being daring enough to expierence the full breakfast that came with the room, we departed happy to be leaving. When I left I gave my contact information to the front desk for the manager to call me. In a final slap to the face as if Chris Rock had just insulted Will Smith's wife..the manager never called me. I was not surprised.


Highly embarrassing.

Opinión escrita el 28 de octubre de 2021

So imagine starting a new job and part of that is to book a last minute hotel for your boss due to late flight arrival so he doesn't have to drive to his destination after landing. Then getting a call the next day to say "um next time lets make sure we pay closer attention. I'm not picky by any means but checking in there were 2 guest complaining wanting a refund because their room was disgusting, one asking for lysol and it may be the hotel could have been used for hourly rates. It was......interesting." I didn't give it a 1 star because he did at least walk away without bedbugs. that I know of. Horribly embarrassed!!!!