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1,6 kms to Fort Hood, 3 kms to local mall and golf course. All rooms have refrigerators.

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1,6 kms to Fort Hood, 3 kms to local mall and golf course. All rooms have refrigerators.

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Very happy guest

Reviewed 13 september, 2019

The pictures of this hotel are very old . There is a new owner and the hotel is updated. The new owner is very understanding.. I stayed here in past and was very disappointed. Stayed last night and to my surprise hotel was very nice and clean .. manger is a great person also made me feel like family will upload pic later today

Donovan W


Reviewed 27 december, 2017

12/23/17 Was my stay at this hotel on fort hood st. This hotel is currently going through a renovation which is not explained or advertised on any site selling these rooms. There are no positives to this location regarding the rooms. I stayed for the Christmas holiday with my boyfriend. Once entering the room, my bed was not made, there was NO ceiling lights whatsoever, neither was there another room available that still had a ceiling light. The only light is the 2 dim lamps provided next to the bed sides, which were not the same design nor were they new. The lamps were cracked inside the lids. The brightest area was the vanity mirror light. The television did not turn on without me having to press the power button on the TV first then using the remote to change the channels. The couch was old, and the left seat cushion was lifted a little. It looked like something that would have been in an ally way infested with roaches or something. Of course I never sat on that thing. I never showered in the hotel. My boyfriend told me he saw roaches in the bath tub which had mild mold stains in the corners. The iron face fell off while my boyfriend was trying to iron his dress shirt. I had to go to the office to request another iron. The microwave was rusted and disgusting. I did not want to heat anything in there and it was very small. The wall paint looked like a 10 yr old did it. There was red paint blotches on the walls everywhere, I was skeptical that the blotches were bugs in the dark.. I had no towels but a drying off towel once entering the hotel, and no face towel at all until the next day. The maid must have came in to drop them off. I was surprised they even had a maid honestly.. Also when I booked the hotel, the sites lied and stated "There are only 2 rooms left!" That was a lie due to me staying for 2 days and the entire time there were only 3 cars which included mine and I assumed 2 of the cars were an employees.. because once I looked around at the other rooms they were vacant with the curtains open. Not being dramatic, EVERY CURTAIN WAS OPEN. It kind of freaked me out because from there I knew there had to be major issues if literally NOT A SOUL was booking these rooms. Especially since it was the holidays, normally a lot of hotels are booked.. I wanted to leave from the time of check in, but because they don't do refunds and it was Christmas time, I didn't want to waste my money. So I only stuck it out because due to the holiday I would literally be gone 99.9% of the time and I just looked at my room as a place to lay my head at night unfortunately. The staff was exceptional.. One of the ladies gave me a $10 discount due to the raggedness of the rooms since I wasn't able to receive a refund and LEAVE and another employee obviously didn't want to be there and came off slightly rude. End conclusion, I WILL NEVER STAY THERE AGAIN! Even if and when they finally finish their renovations, I will never stay. My thing is if you're going to renovate, by all means do so, but the smart thing to do is to renovate half of the hotel, and rent what you have until the other half is finished. AMCO made a bad decision with renting out half done hotels rooms. I would've booked a Motel 6 for a better experience..


Disgusting and Broke Dowm

Reviewed 29 april, 2017

I booked on Priceline. Lots of false advertisement. Paid for 4 nights in advance. Checked first non smoking room, dirty and dingy. Smelled of smoke. Changed rooms. They have me a room on 2nd floor. Omg, it was surrounded by boarded up rooms! I have pictures. The room was filthy, dirty, roaches. Shady people galore. I was alone. Went and spent money to get another hotel. They refused to give my money back. False advertisement!!!


Don't waste your money

Reviewed 1 april, 2017

It's crap. They have roaches. They don't offer towels in your room, no soap, coffee, cups, tissues, nothing. Stains on everything from the floor to the walls, to the couches. Lots of electrical issues. Definitely against health code! Employees are rude. They do not refund. Have the rooms have boarded up windows. Some of the rooms have no cable, nor even a tv. The pool is not open at all, or even taken care of. Definitely lots of druggys staying here.

Sidney M

I would rather sleep in my car

Reviewed 21 march, 2017

So let me just start by saying this hotel is in a sketchy part of town, despite it being 5 minutes from fort hood (which was about the only good thing about it). My boyfriend and I checked in Sunday night after a long drive from south padre. So the first night we didn't really look around cause as soon as we saw the bed we passed out. I got the king suite which is a pretty decent sized room that even has a pullout couch that you could make your enemies sleep on. (That thing was all coil and no mattress). The carpet was duct taped to the door jam in the entryway, and in the bathroom the metal piece was coming up so I almost tripped on it 4-5 times through the week. The carpet also had stains in it and smelled like pee, but you would only catch a wisp of it if the air was flowing just right. The lady at the desk told me she had put new towels in my room before we got in there and when we went to shower we only had one towel and two of the little hand towels. So I went to Walmart and bought more towels. And when the housekeeping lady asked if I needed anything and I told her I needed new towels, she gave me more hand towels. Another problem with the bathroom was that the water took forever to get hot and the toilet kept not flushing even when there was nothing to clog it with. The WiFi was probably the Worst WiFi I have ever had the "pleasure" of using in my life. it would cut in and out and half the time it wasn't even connected to my phone. The key cards kept demagnetizing, so every time we left and came back one of us had to go get them remagnetized. The only good I have to say about this place is the TV worked and the staff was friendly. On the back of the door it shows you the price the room is supposed to be and I wouldn't spend 89 dollars on that room if you gave me the money to spend. There are better hotels around the same price that would have been nicer.