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This 4 star hotel is located in the suburbs of Mexico City. It is a short drive away from the Six Flags Mexico. The Hotel has a coffee shop and a fitness centre/gym. All 237 rooms are equipped with minibar, hairdryer, safe, ironing set and air conditioning.

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This 4 star hotel is located in the suburbs of Mexico City. It is a short drive away from the Six Flags Mexico. The Hotel has a coffee shop and a fitness centre/gym. All 237 rooms are equipped with minibar, hairdryer, safe, ironing set and air conditioning.

Avenida Cuspide 53, Tlalpan, Parque del Pedregal, 14020 Ciudad de México, D.F., Mexico - Mexico City, Distrito Federal - Mexico - 14020

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Excellent Service

Reviewed 30 january, 2023

I wanted to stay in this hotel since I was a child. Radisson fulfilled my expectations, I think the hotel is amazing, its installations and remains in force, and the attention of the service team was excelent.


Horrible Housekeeping and no follow-up

Reviewed 29 november, 2022

My family and I booked a total of 3 rooms for a two night stay, 11/21/22 and 11/22/22. This was our second stay at this hotel over the course of a 10 day trip. The first stay was on 11/17/22 and we had 3 rooms. No complaints on the first stay. However, our second stay was a disaster! We checked in late on 11/21. The next morning at breakfast, I mentioned to my sister-in-law that I was disappointed with my room. She said she was not happy with hers either. She asked for details. The curtains (room 719) were coming down both in the center and on the two sides. A previous guest must not have known how to open/close draperies. The toilet did not flush easily, not even for #1. You had to hold the handle down during the entire flush or the process stopped. There was no towel for the bathroom floor so we used one of the two hand towels for that purpose. There were two of us in the room but we had only one coffee cup. There were no other cups or glasses in the room. The sheets on the two beds felt like sandpaper. My sister-in-law told me about her room - no coffee cups, no coffee for the coffee maker (I guess if you don't have cups, you shouldn't need coffee grounds either!!), no plastic or glass cups, the safe was not available for use. There was no bath mat for the extremely slippery shower floor. There was no bathroom floor towel, so she, too, used one of the handtowels. The bedsheets in her room were stained, and she was not sure if it was due to them being old and stained or not changed after the previous guests in that room. The occupant in the third room that was booked had the exact same complaints as my sister-in-law. After breakfast, my sister-in-law went to the front desk and gave them the list of grievances and asked that everything be corrected by the time we returned to the hotel in the evening. Guess what - NOTHING had been rectified. And what is worse is that the hand towel my sister-in-law used as the bathroom floor mat was hung back up on the hand towel rack to dry!!! Still no coffee cups, no coffee, no bathmat, no bathroom floor mats, an usable locked safe, curtains not on the hooks, toilet flushing problems. I noticed that on the inside of the key-card envelope, it said 100% guest satisfaction guaranteed. When we went down to check out, the front desk clerk from the previous morning checked us out. I reminded him of my sister-in-law's visit with him the day before and reported to him that none of the problems were addressed. I showed him the Radisson's written "100% guest satisfaction guaranteed" promise and told him we were not satisfied with out second stay at all. He apologized and said that we could fill out a survey for the manager, and that he would have the survey emailed to us, and that was all he could do. We asked to speak with the manager and were told the manager was unavailable and that we should complete the survey. The survey arrived and three days later when I had time to complete the survey, it had expired. So much for the 100% guest satisfaction guaranteed guaranty!!! Oh yes, the front desk clerk said that he will make sure we are taken care on our next stay there. I asked him why he thought we'd even consider returning after such a bad experience...and especially considering that we'd brought the problems to the attention of the hotel in time so that some or all of the problems could have been addressed and they were not. I told him that the accommodations would have been better at a 1 or 2 star hotel. I did tell him that the service we had in the restaurant had been good - no complaints there. But the three rooms!!! Quite another story! On our 10 days in Mexico City, we also stayed at the Sheraton Mexico City Maria Isabel Hotel on the Ave Paseo de la Reforma. The three rooms there were less expensive than at the Radisson and the quality was 5 star. This is where we'll stay on our next trip.


Not so good

Reviewed 21 november, 2022

I was at the Radisson Paraiso in early November and it was not a very good experience. On the plus side, I like the architecture of the big interior atrium, and the concierge was good, and it was convenient to the event I was attending. On the other hand: 1. Not the best part of town. Very nice, modern shopping center across the street, but not much else going on around there. 2. There was no lobby shop at which to buy sundries and necessities, such as water or snacks or toothpaste, and as I said, there were no such shops (like a 7-11 or the Mexican version, OXXO) around. 3. I had no soap in my room for the first 2 days. Shampoo, conditioner, and lotion, yes, but no soap. 4. When I checked into my room, the "premium wifi" didn't work. I called the operator, and there was no answer until after about 20 rings the phone just shut down. I tried again, same 20 and out. Finally, on the 3rd try, after a bunch of rings somebody came on, I explained the problem, and she said someone would come to my room. Nobody showed up. Wifi later came on, but the next day I had the same problem. Several others in my group said they had the same issue, and it took forever to get the wifi to work. 5. Totally inadequate elevators. This is a 10 story hotel with just 3 elevators. One was completely out the whole time I was there. The other 2 were controlled by 2 different and not-near-each-other buttons, so you had to go to one, push it, go to the other and push it, and then stand back to watch both doors (which, of course, were at opposite ends of the elevator banks) and then run to the door. All of which meant that it took a long time for the elevators to come, as they were overloaded. Plus, every time you road an elevator, it stopped on every floor since there were so few cars serving so many people. And going down, the people in the middle floors often couldn't get on, as the cars were loaded with people who had been able to get on at the upper floors. Very bad and frustrating throughout. 5. Food was passable-filling but not too tasty. 6. When the concierge wasn't around, I asked the front desk how long it would take to get to the airport on a Monday morning, and the receptionist said "3 1/2 hours". I later hunted up the concierge, and he said, "No, only an hour." And it eventually took 50 min, so the front desk woman had no clue. 7. A significant number of the staff did not speak much English, which made communications difficult sometimes. Don't get me wrong, this is Mexico and of course Spanish is the official language, but I would think that commercial places (hotels, restaurants) that do a lot of business with foreign speaking patrons would insist their employees speak effect the predominant foreign language-that is what I have experienced in other establishments in other countries. 8. This hotel is right next to a major highway, and the traffic noise is LOUD, 24/7. I was on the 8th floor and was awakened every night by traffic-not cars honking or unusual stuff like that, but engines running, tires squealing, those noises. Not relaxing.


What a Gem

Reviewed 30 october, 2022

This was our second stay at the Radisson. The first was pre-COVID. Our son and his wife live in Tlalpan which makes this hotel particularly convenient. It’s also a great location for exploring Coyacan and Angel. Our room rate included breakfast which was a great way to start the day. The restaurant staff is exceptional. We also enjoyed the bar. Overall, this hotel is a gem and a terrific value.

Evan D

Good for business in the south

Reviewed 25 august, 2022

I had a week at this Radisson chosen for its proximity to the National University. It was an extremely comfortable stay although I was only there at night. Staff were efficient and welcoming and I had fabulous attention from Alberto on the door arranging my morning taxi. I only had to tell him what I needed on day one and after that when he saw me coming he took the initiative to get a car and tell the taxista where I was going. I had room service which was prompt and good and ate in the restaurant on the last night and again found Staff attentive. I enjoyed the food. Location is also opposite a huge mall including every shop you might want plus restaurants cinemas etc. A hop on hop off tour bus used to stop there but with covid the routes have changed. All up very good choice for what I needed.