Ocean Vista

Si decides alojarte en Ocean Vista, te encontrarás en una fantástica zona de Phan Thiet (Phú Hài Phú Hài) y apenas te separarán 15 minutos a pie de Sea Links City y Bodega Wine Castle. Además, este complejo de 4 estrellas se encuentra a 2,5 km de Playa Ham Tien y a 13,2 km de Playa Tien Thanh.Reser...

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Apartamento família, 3 quartos

Max. 6 adultos y 3 niños


Apartamento, 2 quartos, Vista para o mar

Max. 4 adultos y 2 niños


Apartamento, 1 quarto, vista para o jardim

Max. 2 adultos y 2 niños


Apartamento, 2 quartos, vista para o jardim

Max. 4 adultos y 2 niños

Información de la propiedad

Check-in a partir de las: 14:00

Check-out hasta las: 12:00

Si decides alojarte en Ocean Vista, te encontrarás en una fantástica zona de Phan Thiet (Phú Hài Phú Hài) y apenas te separarán 15 minutos a pie de Sea Links City y Bodega Wine Castle. Además, este complejo de 4 estrellas se encuentra a 2,5 km de Playa Ham Tien y a 13,2 km de Playa Tien Thanh.Reserva una de las 102 habitaciones con cocina, frigorífico y placa de cocina, y disfruta de una estancia inolvidable. Descansa como nunca en una cama con edredón de plumas y ropa de cama de alta calidad. Las habitaciones disponen de balcón. La conexión a Internet wifi gratis te permite comunicarte con l...

Km 9, Nguyen Thong Road Mui Ne - Phan Thiết, Bình Thuận - Vietnam

Comodidades de la propiedad

Check-in a partir de las: 14:00

Check-out hasta las: 12:00

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please never stay here !

Opinión escrita el 31 de octubre de 2021

it's one year i stay there ! ocean vista and/or sealink have only one good point cleaning staff and maintenance guys are nice, but stop here !all service are closed(swimming pool, gym ...) , The security team are really crazy and don't do for peopoel have the best stay, even for landlords peopoel pay for have an apartment(or villa, and it's more than 6 month now all change and i cannot invite my friend like guest(my friend from Ham Tien or mui né) , sometimes i cannot out , i even cannot leave my girlfriend enter (she get vaccine already) in my home (it's jail) you can have a paper from police they don't gonna leave you enter, because ocean vista/ sealink think they have the power to change rules , hey ocean vista ! you are not police peopoel , you are just simple security team, please do YOUR JOB CORRECTLY for help peopol have the best stay , they even can say you are too speed on motorbike in the street every day but i'm not inside the residence and i respect and care inside (i repeat it's one year I'm there i did nothing wrong), i help moove a friend from mui ne domain(so a big resort just on the side) , and because we was too many for them help my friend to moov they put pression on her for don't leave her enter again after put all fournitur inside her new apartment, it's really crazy , and we gonna all move because ocean vista have a big problem of security, i have more story it's incredible, you pay expensive for not be free, i know mui né and around if you want the best stay it's The cliff , mui né domaine (the best place with a security peopoel very nice and not stupid like this ) or it's better to go on local vietnamese peopoel guest house , ocean vista sea link is a jail , please care about this comment no joke you can mail me "Thomas.boff.dev@gmail.com" for more information ! enjoy mui né like you should to enjoy , have a nice stay around mui né !!!


Helpless staff, facilities to be reviewed

Opinión escrita el 14 de julio de 2020

This condo is managed in the very worst way I ever experienced. You are required to pay for beach or pool access extra money, even if you are Ocean Vista guest!! When you pay for the beach, you are not even given a towel, you need to bring your own from home. The staff at the beach does not even bother to help you put the cushion on the sun-chair, they prefer looking at you doing it rather than helping. They gather in small groups of 3-4 people at the beach and laugh and joke, but they do not care of the guests at all! What for do I have to pay money if I do not receive any service for that?? The sun-chairs at the beach are rusty, old and cushions dirty. I wonder when they have been cleaned the last time. All rooms and corridors inside the condo are noisy and I have NEVER seen security walking around inside the building to ensure the guests are quiet, especially late at night or early in the morning. Security at the main entrance smokes, joke with each others and wear flip flops rather than work uniform. I think it would be better they walk around to maintain the tranquillity inside the condominium, as it should be! I wish Ocean Vista management does something about it as all this is so disappointing. I strongly discourage staying here.


Doesn’t cost its money, unpleasant staff

Opinión escrita el 12 de julio de 2020

So I’m really upset with renting apartment in this place. When you pay much more money than anywhere in Muine you suppose to use sun-beds on the beach or even swimming pool. But you couldn’t. Only owners can use it. But you will pay a big amount for rent, and you will pay extra for visiting beach or pool. Most of staff are unpleasant and not smart. They lost our contract for autonomous electrically, and we had to stay without it but we paid. I had to spend hours on reception to solve problems. Staff didn’t want to help us at all and they lied that our apartment doesn’t have contact for it. Very often have problem with electricity, if you have expensive gadgets be careful. The problem is that it is the only condo in Muine. I wish new more comforts complex will appear in nearest time. Because here you have to suffer for your own money.


The worst experience poasible

Opinión escrita el 20 de junio de 2020

I could write a poem about my experience in Ocean Vista as I am a long term rental. 1. Each block has constant electricity blackouts. The staff claims the problem is being fixed but nothing happens; they give no alternatives to the guests such as providing an alternative accommodation or anyway a solution to the issue; they just say to wait. Every time the give a deadline for the issue to be fixed, as soon as the given time comes, a new deadline is added up. It’s now 9:30pm and I’ve been waiting in their lobby since 6:50pm. During this time they didn’t even bother to offer me a glass of water 2. Despite I live here, whenever I leave Ocean Vista and I come back after 3-4 days, security stops me and I have to provide at all times my information. Back I. April, they even had no clue that I live here and I had to show them my rental contract: THAT WAS HILARIOUS 3. All apartments are no soundproof at all. You will hear plenty of guests screaming, shouting, slamming doors from as early as 6am can be till late night. They just don’t care 4. If you don’t rent with Ocean Vista company directly, you’re not allowed to use beach or swimming pool, which is just funny as I don’t understand why people who rent in a different way should be discriminated like that 5. Last but not least, common areas are DIRTY. See the pictures I attached right in front of my apartment to see thousand of cute ants walking by. Great, especially during this post Covid-19 era I have complained about all above points to the staff several times, but all the times I’ve been told “ok sir” and nothing ever happens. Once I even left my phone number and name to the staff asking for the General Manager - Ms. Lily, to call me back, but needless to say, that has never happened. I guess if she doesn’t bother to follow up with her guests, how can the staff do that?


Every year is getting worse

Opinión escrita el 23 de decembre de 2019

I normally rent an apartment here for the whole month of December. We pay a considerable amount of money for it. This year we had the awful surprise that we need to pay an extra ticket of 50.000 vnd per person to use the beach (umbrella and chairs) and this ticket is just for one entry!!! If we stay one hour with our children, go to have lunch and than come in again we need to pay extra! On top of this we are not even given the towels but we need to take our own. Unbelievable. I would he happy to pay but getting a good service. The service is poor. The beach is not clean (plastic cups and wraps everywhere) for the amount of money we pay. I will not come back next year. The reason why they did it is because they built an extra building of studios (???!!) And they then realise that there is no space for everybody on the beach. Unbelievable. I feel sad because I have been spending here the whole month of December since years. I will start looking for something else.