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Situated on the dormer arenas of the Uvero Alto beach, this resort offers an unforgettable experience for Nickelodeon ™ fans of all ages, with the renowned Gourmet Inclusive® concept by Karisma. This oceanfront resort offers 208 suites from Pads and Flats with Swim-Up Suites. For guests, you can boo...

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Max. 3 adults and 3 children - by 2 years



Max. 3 adults and 3 children - by 2 years



Max. 3 adults and 3 children - by 2 years



Max. 3 adults and 3 children - by 2 years



Max. 3 adults and 3 children - by 2 years



Max. 3 adults and 3 children - by 2 years



Max. 3 adults and 3 children - by 2 years



Max. 3 adults and 3 children - by 2 years



Max. 3 adults and 2 children - by 2 years



Max. 3 adults and 2 children - by 2 years

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Check-in starts at: 15:00

Check-out ends at: 12:00

Situated on the dormer arenas of the Uvero Alto beach, this resort offers an unforgettable experience for Nickelodeon ™ fans of all ages, with the renowned Gourmet Inclusive® concept by Karisma. This oceanfront resort offers 208 suites from Pads and Flats with Swim-Up Suites. For guests, you can book one of our exclusive Super Villas, including The Pineapple, inspired by SpongeBob's home. At the heart of this impressive resort is Nickelodeon ™ Place, which includes Aqua Nick aquatic park, Character Central and Just Kiddin's kids club. Guests have access to 7 Gourmet Inclusive® restaurants, 2 G...

Carretera Uvero Alto, Parcela No. 214, Uvero Alto - Punta Cana, La Altagracia - Dominican Republic - 23000

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Check-in starts at: 15:00

Check-out ends at: 12:00

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Used to be great, now I would never recommend this place (e.coli, broken room, bad food, closed amenities)

Reviewed 23 november, 2022

This was one of the worst vacations i've had. But, I will preface this with, I've been to Nickelodeon Punta Cana before and it was one of the best resorts i've ever been to, I recommended it to all my friends! Some of my friends went recently and told me it wasn't that good, but I thought maybe it was a one-off... so we went back this November. It's probably easier if I pro/con this review so you can have insight into the issues, but if you want the tl;dr I will say skip this place as quickly as you can, don't waste your time or money. you can pay half the price and go to any other resort that's just as mediocre or maybe even better. Pros: 1. Great waterpark 2. Really nice beach 3. Not too busy, so you can always find a place by the pool 4. Really liked the 24h room service 5. Golf carts that take you around the resort are helpful 6. Cool theme nights in the village Cons: 1. My entire family (3 kids, 2 adults) all came back with E.Coli. We got sick our second last day there, and we're still all sick, it's disgusting. 2. The safe in our room wasn't working, we reported this many times and were told they'd fix it, but they never did 3. Our room was only cleaned three times the entire week. It was pretty gross, 3 sandy dirty kids, and we're all sleeping in the same sandy dirty bed. No clean towels, so we had to keep calling down to bring them. Even asking the cleaners multiple times a day to please make up our room, and they just never did. Really unfortunate. 4. No one ever re-stocked our fridge, and you can't drink the water there - so we rely on bottle water to brush our teeth. But our fridge was always empty. One day a nice lady at the restaurant asked us if we wanted extra things in our fridge for the kids, and I said sure! She was lovely and said she'd get the fridge stocked with extra snacks, then wrote down our room number. Not only did that not ever happen, but we ran out of drinks and snacks on day 2 and it never once got filled at all, not even with fresh water. I had to keep running to the restaurants, waiting in line, and getting bottles of water to re-stock our own fridge. 5. We got a pool room and the light outside the room didn't work, so we couldn't use our outside space at night. We reported this multiple times, and they never fixed it. 6. The shops only took cash, and wouldn't let us charge to the room, so we could never buy anything. We're not American, and didn't bring a lot of USD with us aside from tip money. Maybe that's our fault, but I assumed we could do room charge or credit card, but they said no on multiple occasions. 7. It was reported on Trip Advisor that the beach has beach toys for the kids (I know BEACHES resorts also have this). But that's not accurate, the resort has no toys for kids - you have to buy time, and only if you have cash, and the cheapest sand toys we found (a bucket and 3 shovels) were $25.00 USD. 8. The food was pretty gross. Just pure salt or sugar, and reheated on a daily basis. If you had it for dinner, you knew it'd be there for breakfast and lunch the next day. Good for them for not wasting food I guess, but it just wasn't fresh and it was the same thing every day. 9. Really unclean at the buffet. Multiple times we saw workers there take food from the buffet with there hands and eat it as they were walking. How absolutely disgusting is that??? I don't have any other comment on this, it's just so so so gross. 10. We had a sofa bed in our room that was completely unusable. Not even in a Karen sense of complaining, but realistically totally unusable to sleep on for multiple reasons. 11. A lot of the places were closed, so there wasn't much to do. The Arcade was closed most of the time, and even when it was open it only took cash, so we couldn't use it anyway. The kids park was closed at 3pm, I got into an argument with them because it's an outside park... why is it closed? What are we supposed to do all day? We can't swim the entire day... but it went unheard, and we couldn't use the park at all. 12. Club Nick is now No-Parents only except for 2 hours a day. So we had nowhere to take our kids inside during the day, which was impossible because we had a sleeping baby in the room. Made the vacation very difficult. Club Nick used to be open to anyone, but now it's drop off only. One of our kids has special needs, so we can't just drop him off - but they were very strict about this rule. 13. The Sports Complex was closed - after trekking over there, it was just always shut down, no equipment, and no one around. Totally unusable and a waste of a trek there every day. Overall, this resort is way way way overpriced for what it is. It used to be 100% worth it, but like others have said, it has really gone downhill. Save your money and go somewhere cheaper for the same experience, or spend a tiny bit extra and go to Beaches. This trip marks really one of the most underwhelming vacations I've ever had - and now I sit here lamenting it all with E.Coli.

Melissa H

Warning: Nick Place Closed! (Water park, Kids Club, Sports Complex, ect...)

Reviewed 23 november, 2022

So disappointed to discover yesterday that the entire Nick Place section of the resort will be closed for our entire upcoming stay. This includes basically all the reasons why we booked this resort to begin with: Aqua Nick (water park), Club Nick (Kids Club), Sports Hub, Character Central, ect... This closure was NOT disclosed anywhere at the time I made my booking 2 months ago, nor was it ever communicated to me by the resort. I happened to look at their website yesterday to discover the announcement. I am further disappointed by the lack of responsiveness by their reservations customer service team. After spending much time on the phone over the past two days I am constantly met with the same answer. Nothing on our reservation can be changed / cancelled because I booked a non-refundable rate. The lack of transparency and total bait and switch is infuriating. I never would have booked a family vacation to a Nickelodeon resort if the entire Nickelodeon Place portion would be closed. They continue to say that "extra activities will make up for the closures", but that is total nonsense. You cannot make up for 1/2 of the resort being inaccessible. I asked to speak to supervisors, GM on property, ect. Karisma, you should be ashamed of yourself for this terrible customer experience. I simply asked to change dates to when the entire resort would be open or to be refunded, as the reservation I made was not as described at the time of booking. We have stayed all over the world (including other Karisma resorts) and have been allowed to make changes to non-refundable reservations by other chains. Karisma just says "Sorry, there is nothing we can do." BEWARE this could happen to you too, go elsewhere. We had a lovely stay at the Club Med Miches over the summer and regret that we did not rebook there instead.


Thumbs up for families

Reviewed 20 november, 2022

I had a great experience for my week spent with two of my sons (8 and 5 years). We visited every restaurant and enjoyed them all especially Spacewalker ! We spent our time between the water park and were well taken care of by our server Jose. We would usually spend afternoons by the pool overlooking the beach where Orlando always aimed to please and always kept our glass full. We would also spend a good amount of time at the beach cabana where Kenny was there to get us food or drinks and even beach toys. Throughout the stay we had Isaias as our concierge and he was always one text away at any moment throughout the day to reserve dining, stock our room with whatever we needed, reserved beach or pool chairs/cabanas and informing us of any character appearances or special events for each day. He also made sure to coordinate our transport to the airport and picked us up in a golf cart right outside our room. Thank you to everyone who made our week a special one!


family vac.

Reviewed 19 november, 2022

good for kids, stuff and friendly & helpful Food not great. A lot of restaurant was closed Also no happy with times for lids club open (closed Sat & Sun night & had to be picked up by 9PM had when your in rest.) , but the kids lived it


Great resort for young kids

Reviewed 13 november, 2022

We visited the resort in November with my parents. It is a family-oriented resort esprecially for family with young kids. Excellent service, special thanks to our butler Jeans and beach butler Carlos:) Food was average, definite not gourment.