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Property Location With a stay at Riu Bambu All Inclusive in Punta Cana, you'll be a 1-minute drive from Arena Gorda Beach and 9 minutes from Cana Bay Golf Club. This all- inclusive property is 8 mi (12.8 km) from Bavaro Beach and 8.5 mi (13.6 km) from Macao Beach. Distances are displayed to the ne...

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<h3>Property Location</h3> With a stay at Riu Bambu All Inclusive in Punta Cana, you'll be a 1-minute drive from Arena Gorda Beach and 9 minutes from Cana Bay Golf Club. This all- inclusive property is 8 mi (12.8 km) from Bavaro Beach and 8.5 mi (13.6 km) from Macao Beach. Distances are displayed to the nearest 0.1 mile and kilometer. <br> - Arena Gorda Beach - 0.7 km / 0.4 mi<br> - Iberostar Golf Course - 2.7 km / 1.7 mi<br> - Punta Blanca Golf Course - 3.5 km / 2.2 mi<br> - Cana Bay Golf Club - 4.9 km / 3 mi<br> - White Sands Golf Course - 6.6 km / 4.1 mi<br> - Princess Tower Casino Punta ...

Playa Arena Gorda, Punta Cana, 23000, Dominican Republic - Punta Cana, La Altagracia - Dominican Republic - 23000

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Check-in starts at: 15:00

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A Big No

Reviewed 3 july, 2022

Very disappointed. My first time visiting the Dominican and probably the last. The Riu Bambu resort even though it looks like a beautiful resort from the outside, unfortunately the service is beyond disappointing. The service was extremely poor. Upon our arrival no one was greeting us in a welcoming manner nor providing us with any cool beverages or anything. No bell-boy to help us out with our luggages and the direction of our room. I had to ask 3 different staff members for the direction of our room while carrying the luggages by myself. Non of the staff that I asked for directions was willing to help me out with the luggages and walk me to my room. Check-in took extremely long due to not being able to give us the room we had requested, since they had overbooked and we were never told otherwise in advance. Majority of staff providing direct service didn’t speak English, and definitely showed favouritism towards the people that knew how to speak Spanish. The staff providing towel service were very rude. I had requested for a new pool towel and they refused to give me one, and insisted on keeping my dirty pool towel for an additional 2 days. Once they finally gave me a new towel, thanks to a family member of mine that came in to speak Spanish with them and complained. Finally the towel guy agreed to give me a new pool towel. Once I checked the towel to make sure it’s clean before using it, I noticed several stains that appeared like fecal stains, in which I returned back to them right away. It was absolutely disgusting. Whenever entering the buffet no waiter/waitress would help us with a table. It was self-service for most parts. The smallest thing they would do they expected a tip right away, which was ridiculous, considering the poor service they had to offer. The beach had so much seaweed, and no staff member was responsible for clearing them up off the shore. The pool was dirty, no pool-boy to clean the pool and the pool didn’t even smell like chlorine, so I doubt they even used any in order to help disinfect the pool. The keys to our room would constantly stop working, almost everyday during our 1 week stay I was at the front desk asking for new key cards for our room, yet the same thing would happen all over again shortly. So many of my family members had problems with their rooms as well, mainly with the a/c not working properly. The food in the buffet and the restaurants was just okay nothing special or good. Rarely any variety in the buffet, very repetitive. The resort was way too busy, it was very obvious they had overbooked, which wasn’t right to do as the pandemic is still ongoing and no safety measures were taken whatsoever to consider the safety of their staff and others. The snack bar was absurd. There was only one snack bar at the entire resort that was open 24/7. They only had unpleasant cheese and ham sandwiches that were tasteless as the only option. At last, the entertainment was awful. No day time entertainment at all. At night the resort was so boring, they only had music on and some lame show for a short while. Overall, I DO NOT recommend this resort at all. I’m not sure how they are a 5 star resort. That should certainly be re-evaluated. Don’t waste you money here. Pay a few hundred dollars more and go to a better resort, or even better not the Dominican at all. I’ve been to many resorts in Mexico and Cuba and I never had to write a bad review. I never had such a bad experience with any resort like I did at the Dominican Republic Punta Cana at Riu Bambu. Don’t waste your money nor your time here.

Ays A

Wonderful vacation experience

Reviewed 3 july, 2022

Amazing experience!! the service was great at the restaurants, bars, etc. the pools and water park were lovely everything about this resort was beautiful will be returning with my family and definitely recommend my kids had an awesome time here very kid friendly 😀


Terrible experience.

Reviewed 3 july, 2022

The hotel staff are rude to begin with, reluctant to help unless you speak Spanish. Our room was a ten minute walk at-least from the pool.The hotel itself is dirty, many rooms have bed bugs and mould. When we asked to change rooms they shrugged it off. The food is repetitive and I got food poisoning during my time here from one of the themed restaurants. There are men at the beach constantly hounding you to buy their trips which are a scam.



Reviewed 1 july, 2022

My group of 12 people and I just got back from Riu bambu a couple of days ago on the 29th. We stayed 1 week, from June 22-29th 2022. This is by far not a 5 star resort. This is actually my first time even complaining about any hotel because I don’t really go there looking for 5 star service, I’m and easy person to please. Just give me nice weather, pool And a beach, and I’m a happy camper. I’ve stayed at several punta cana resorts including Riu republica which was amazing, and didn’t have 1 negative thing to say, even though some of the hotels did have a few flaws. I was the one to choose Riu bambu for this group vacation and now all fingers are being pointed at me for choosing this god awful hotel. I am soo disappointed. Let’s get into the details if you’ve read this far… the service is absolutely awful. Practically there isn’t any service. Every hotel I’ve visited on Dominican, Cuba, mexico etc.. has waitresses greeting everyone upon your arrival with beverages and a warm welcoming… not one waitress was there to do that the whole week in the lobby. During your free time spent in the lobby in between dinner and late night there isn’t anyone taking any kind of orders as you try to relax in lobby for any kind of drinks.. that was my first time seeing that in any hotel in recent times.. service in buffet, what service? I had to grab me and my family drinks, sodas because no one was attentive to us. And if they were, they were supper slow you’d be done your food before your drink came. For Dominican standards, the food at this resort was really bad. And I don’t care for food I’m there to relax but just given the standard Dominican has for resort food and options really was bad. Small variety of food, and not tasteful what so ever. The a la cart restaurants were awful tasting the same as Buffett.. the Italian restaurant was gross.. the only one being half decent was the steak house. That was just a plain ok.. which the manager over there is awful and likes to fight with clients. Before our reservation another guy who worked there told me he’d save me a time slot as I brought my handicap lol to her room. When I got back lined up and waited my turn the guy want there so the manager was taking to the list. I tried explain that his co-worker saved me a time slot of 7:45-8 he didn’t give me the time of day to explain and rudely shouted the times he was gona give me.. I said but sir, I spoke with ——— couldn’t even finish until he yelled at me again. Then I lost my cool and told him, listen to me and allow me to explain please. Then he responds, you are the one who needs to listen to me. Etc… so if you are looking for this time of service, this hotel will be good for you. If not, then don’t waste your money to get no service or even worked fighting and yelling at you. I have never experienced that in my life. I’m a calm, cool, easy going guy. I don’t stresss. But boy did this trip cause stress the day we stepped in up until the day we stepped out.. 24 snack bar, snack bar? Should be called Baloney bar cause that’s all they had. If you wanted to have a late dinner past 10 cause you were out or simply still hungry. All they serve is lousy ham/baloney sandwiches which were gross and you’d have to microwave them… every hotel, even in cuba, had pizza, burger and fries, nachos , hot dogs in there 24 hr snack bar. Here a gross sand which only 1 choice of sandwhich too. That I found hilarious. Entertainment, the shows never watched 1. They were boring and very very plain. Pool parties at the Riu Pool party outside the hotel were fun. That was great but for a young crowd such as myself 20-30s it’s suitable for. In terms of disco or club you had to walk outside the resort, we’ll where the road path is leading you outside the resort for 10-12 min walk to reach the club where drinks aren’t included must pay. The rooms are outdated. I had to switch rooms from the first day we got there because the air conditioning wasn’t working. I moved all heavy luggages from 1 building to the other cause they have no trains to take you anywhere.. at 3 am trying to find a room that had working a/c. Finaly they helped me find a room. 5216 which was far from everything closer to Riu maco section. And that room was big and nice but once switched over. The ac stoped working. The telephone didn’t work, the tv didn’t work, and the security box didn’t work ontop of that. After few days everything slowly got fixed because I kept calling. Then that room turned into a decent room. The other 12 people had issues in there rooms as well but not nearly as bad as my experience. My moms room 2914 fee issues as well but Juan 1 is toilet wouldn’t flush or took many try’s to do so. 2913 is the room we switched from with no working ac. 1115 my aunts room, ac worked very low, kept having issues with the key every time changed wouldn’t work after some time. I can go on and on… the pools were alright. With the same music being replayed all day long. They didn’t have no entertainment by the pool to get eveyone excited and going. After a few drinks me and my group of 12 started to do a dance which eveyone were to copy, and literally got the whole pool dancing and following our dance moves. Eveyone at pool said we did the best entertainment at the pool than any entertainment team.. how sad… no service on beach, not 1 waiter came to beach to take drinks etc… beach was ok, lots of seaweed.. but it’s that time of year which is ok. For a better beach go to Macao beach or saona island! No seaweed there and nice blue waters. Towels nearby pool, they were stained and dirty took a few try’s to get clean ones. Not a big deal for me.. but maybe something you should know. I have been to 3 star hotels that had better service than this. I have never ever complained for any resort in my life. But this was soo bad I was so upset and disappointed. Based on the 3 star hotels I’ve visited this compared to that is a 1 star at most… they trick you into thinking this is a 5 star but Riu Bambu is no where near a 5 star. If they had all the things that were missing that I mentioned, and better service and upgrade there things inside the room, then maybe. But until then. This is a good resort for a young crowd like myself or spring breakers who don’t care for service food etc and just go to party. The Riu parties are fun in the other pool across the street. That I must say was great. The front desk was amazing. I must admit they tried everything in there hands to help out. I must say the front desk was better than any hotel I’ve been to. LUIGI treated us like family and was very professional and helpful. We love Luigi! I wish that this hotel gives him a raise and promotion. He goes over and beyond to help you out and to be more of a friend with you. He made us feel welcomed and treated us with respect and courtesy. Thank you Luigi for all your hard work and service brother! We love you dude! The wifi was excellent I must say that was a plus. But everything else. Down hill. The reason why we choose this hotel is csuse my aunt who was in this group of 12 said she been here and it was amazing. Even she regrets returning. And all 12 of us will never return to this hotel again. Even if they credited us a free vacation back to this hotel we would never step foot back in here again. This is a very honest and accurate review. Please trust this review and save your money or you’ll regret like us. We read the reviews and tried to contact selloffvacations.com to switch hotels but they refused to help us which is something I will discuss with there manager. Becaus reading all the bad reviews worried us. And let me tell you, the reviews were right. You’ll always see bad reviews about hotels even 5+++ star hotels will have them. But if you see horrible reviews 1 after the other consistently there’s a reason and that should not be ignored. I hope after reading this review you heavily take rebooking into your consideration.. trust me, you’ll thank me later .


Good, but....

Reviewed 30 june, 2022

Really pleasant hotel, but there are a few points that just let it down so really quickly I will mention the good things then list some of the issues I encountered, the place is beautiful, it has all you would expect for a 5 star hotel numerous restaurants, 3 pools a d a kids pool, access to the riu water park and a mostly very pleasant the of staff. So now I will start from when we arrived, I exited the coach and approached the reception desk with my two young kids and noticed that all 5 of the male.receptionists were eyeing up the females that had gotten off of the same coach as is, speaking with each other in Spanish I can imagine I know what they were speaking about by the looks on their faces, after eventually getting checked in but being told no information by the receptionist about where out room was, where the pools were, where the restaurants were and what time they open/close I approached a bell boy who was very helpful and directed us where we needed to go and.within a few minutes followed on with our luggage. When we go to the room there was no cot as previously requested for our baby but housekeeping dealt with that very quickly and we got the kids into bed and.settled. The next day I noticed when walking to the restaurant for breakfast that there were lots of housekeepers, gardeners, bellboys and.other staff standing around playing on their phones, I also noticed now in the daylight that although the gardens are very well tended there is random items of litter strewn about the place along with pieces food, this theme continued when I visited the first pool, there were plastic cups and plates with leftovers all around the sunbeds from what must have been people around the pool late the night before, (this was the case every day). Upon entering the restaurant on the first day the waiting staff did not seem very interested to have a table ready which I thought was a little odd and I observed that for some people.coming into the restaurant they would usher them to a table and bend over backwards to ensure they were comfortable and had what they needed, so a few days in I gave a waiter $20 and from then on he and his team couldn't do any more for us. When we finished breakfast we visited the smallest pool at the bambu which is beside the beach, I found that it was full of black bits, and dead flies, little cockroaches and.wasps, the water was extremely cloudy and as the day went on built up a foam on top of it (presumably sun cream) the other two pools were similar, the man pool near reception perhaps a little cleaner. When requesting the pool staff have a look at the small pool due to the amount of dead bugs in it they sent someone over immediately, he brought a bucket and a net on a long pole, he removed 6 full buckets of water, poured them into the sand behind us and then left again (the pool was no different). The bambu lacks a level of service to the guests and pride in the grounds/amenities the be classed as a 5 star hotel. After 8 days we upgraded to the riu palace punta Cana and the difference is incredible, the grounds and pools are.of a much higher standard when it comes to cleanliness and the availability of snacks/varied drinks is so much more varied but it seems that the waiting staff will only really do their job with any pride if you pay them extra wherever you stay. On a side note there are numerous shops at the riu complex, there's a road between the naiboa/palace bavaro and the palace Macau with loads of shops selling the usual junk but they really know they have you over a barrell if you ask them for the price of something. They don't put their prices on the items so they make it up as they go, this is what happened to us. Unfortunately we seemed to lose one of our baby bottles between getting off the plane and getting to the hotel but still had 3, after 1 week the bottles didn't smell very nice when making up the formula so I decided to be on the same side I would buy some new ones and some sterilising washing up liquid, accepting I was in a different country and these items would cost me perhaps £10 at home I figure perhaps twice that might be the case here, but oh no $65 for two baby bottle and a small washing up liquid the man tells me, stunned I asked him if he was kidding, his reply "welcome to the Dominican Republic" I haggled him down but ultimately his shop was the only show on the site with these items and so I when I couldn't get him down past $50 I had to pay it, they also seem to ask if you are paying in dollars or pesos too and convert it as they please between the two currencies to benefit themselves (I was told he was charging me $50 for those 3 items but after I had paid and checked my account he actually charged me $53) the shop in question is shown below, be very careful at all of the onsite shops, they will tell you whatever they want to benefit them and scam you. Get your phone put and check the value of the peso figure they are giving you. Would I go again? Possibly to the palace but even then I feel that the Riu brand has just been tarnished a bit for me now, like they don't really have much pride in their hotels anymore.