Courtyard Shreveport Airport

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Ubicación del establecimiento Courtyard by Marriott Shreveport Airport de Shreveport está en las afueras y a menos de diez minutos en coche de Mooretown Public Art Project y Parque acuático Splash Kingdom Water Town. Además, este hotel se encuentra a 17,4 km de Louisiana Boardwalk y a 17,5 km de Cas...

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Check-in a partir de las: 15:00

Check-out hasta las: 11:00

Ubicación del establecimiento Courtyard by Marriott Shreveport Airport de Shreveport está en las afueras y a menos de diez minutos en coche de Mooretown Public Art Project y Parque acuático Splash Kingdom Water Town. Además, este hotel se encuentra a 17,4 km de Louisiana Boardwalk y a 17,5 km de Casino y resort Margaritaville. Las distancias se expresan en números redondos. - Mooretown Public Art Project: 6,5 km - Parque acuático Splash Kingdom Water Town: 7,3 km - Parque Mooretown: 7,5 km - Parque Sunset Acres: 8,8 km - Independence Stadium: 8,9 km - Hirsch Memorial Coliseum (estadio): 9,1 ...

6001 Financial Plaza, Shreveport, LA 71129, USA - Shreveport, Louisiana - Estados Unidos - 71129

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Check-in a partir de las: 15:00

Check-out hasta las: 11:00

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Not acceptable

Opinión escrita el 24 de enero de 2023

Last night we stayed at the Courtyard Marriott in Shreveport Louisiana near the airport. It looked online to be a freshly renovated and updated property. When we arrived, we, hands down had the worst room experience we’ve ever had —period. We arrived and everything looked fine, the hotel sign was new branding, the landscaping and building looked brand new, ditto the reception area and lounge. But as we headed for our booked 2 room king , the corridor looked a bit dated, well, okay we’re not staying in the corridor. There also was an odd odour though, again we can deal with that. We opened the door to to our room to a full on disaster. The room smelled like a skunk and one that perhaps in its past had smoked. After turning on the lights (not all lights worked) we discovered a room well beyond its prime and I would say embarrassing to Marriott. We’d expect better, it was dismal. The furniture was dirty, a sofa bed looked dirty and broken down, I wouldn’t get too close to it to try. I opened the drapes and the windows were too filthy to see through. The carpeting had seen better days, the closet had no doors. Thankfully the linens on the bed seemed okay. Lampshades we’re scuffed broken or stained throughout the room and not all fixtures worked. We went for dinner, returned and the room odour was still disgusting. Thankfully this was only for one night, unfortunately there were not a lot of choices in the area and we were tired from a long day of driving. Upon checkout the pleasant woman at the front desk, when I started to tell her, about our room, she looked at me knowing exactly what I was going to say about what we had experienced. She went on to say politely that they had renovated from the outside in and the rooms hadn’t been done yet. She was very pleasant and I know it’s not her issue it’s a corporate issue, but she’s the customer facing representative, thank goodness she was lovely and offered to request extra points for us for the experience. Thank you for your efforts. To corporate that’s not the point, your product was subpar, and did not meet expectations. I feel for the operator of the hotel who has to face us customers as a result of corporate decisions. That room should not have been sold to us let alone loyal bonvoy customers. If that was the best room you had I am shocked. Tonight we’re in a lovely Towneplace in north San Antonio at RIM, night and day. Thankfully.

Gary H

Stay somewhere else. How does Marriott allow this??

Opinión escrita el 20 de agosto de 2022

Hotel smelled dank. Everything was very worn. The carpet in our room had a MASSIVE stain that had been there for awhile. Freeway is loud. Air conditioner was old which undoubtedly contributed to the funky smell. Was probably nice in 1999. Needed a refurbishment, 10 years ago.


Reviews are correct

Opinión escrita el 27 de mayo de 2022

The only good thing I can say about this property is that the employees are very nice. Everything else is terrible. It is the most run down Marriott property I've ever encountered. I am actually surprised that Marriott still has this listed with their name on it. The other reviews are all accurate; rodent traps, room had stains all over the couch and floor, the bed was slanted and uncomfortable, the bathroom had stains as well. That was my first and last trip to this Courtyard. Stay away.


I WILL NEVER BE BACK! Save your money!

Opinión escrita el 18 de novembre de 2021

The lobby looks nice and updated. Just don’t look at the rodent traps behind the microwave cart inside the front door. -__- The hallway leading to our room…. Has gross outdated and very worn out carpet, obvious signs of damage to the walls… (mold maybe?) and our room had funky stains all over the couch and burn holes in the carpet that desperately needs cleaned in addition to the ripped dust ruffle. There was so much dust on the table and it’s legs that I literally wrote “eww” in the dust with my finger. The bathroom in our room is poorly lit, and it was like taking a shower in the dark…. with very little water pressure. And the wall had a big crack in it… as shown. As far as the dirty halls and gross carpet…. I should note, this is a hotel that clearly needs updates and reinvestment, this not all the fault of housekeeping. The bed also had a stray long black hair in our bed that didn’t belong to either of our short light brown heads. But that can be just a stray that stuck from static in the wash. Were it not for the other issues… I would have ignored it. We wanted to use the pool and hot tub, but after how dirty the halls were and our room… we were unsure if the pool is maintained well and didn’t want to risk it. The printer we NEEDED to use for WORK was out of toner and this out this of order, which meant we had to go to Walgreens to print… which was 20 minutes away. More on that later. Also… no breakfast, not even complimentary crappy coffee. They sell Starbucks in the cafe, which is Starbucks pricing and not available if the cafe isn’t open. Overall… the stay was mediocre, but when we are in town again, I will not stay here again. I can get better accommodations for less money elsewhere and will definitely do that. The worst part of our stay…. Was Kimberly. When we asked about the printer she said it wasn’t working. We recognized that there was a paper jam, which we fixed. Finally got it to print only to realize it was also out of toner. We asked if she had toner, and offered to change the toner cartridge for her. I let her know that there was another guest that needed to print and that they should probably put an out of order sign on the equipment so that people were aware, to which she condescendingly told me was already there. I let her know that there was in fact only a sign saying the printer was beside the computer designated for boarding passes. She said “well someone must have moved it, that printer has been down for months.” (Um… you are at an airport and advertised that folks can print boarding passes…. Months down? At that point why not just replace the whole thing so people aren’t stuck in awful positions like we were.) She got very upset, and had a very condescending tone. I told her about all the issues we had and suggested she let maintenance know of the issues, even showing her photos of the filth on our couch which look to be bodily fluids. I explained that I was waiting to discuss this so that there weren’t other guests around so as to not cause issues or panic/disgust with others. (I sincerely tried to be as kind as I could be.) She then said she’d let them know…. but never asked our names or room number…. And told us we had to go to our rooms or she would call the manager and have us forcibly removed from the property because our telling her of all the issues with the facility made her uncomfortable. We never raised our voices, never said anything mildly aggressive, and frankly she treated us like scolded children being sent to their room for misbehaving.


Kimberly P❤️

Opinión escrita el 7 de novembre de 2021

She’s a blessing she was nice made us feel like we at home even tho we was many miles away she made us feel like family like we know here for a life time but it was just 10 minutes God bless her she deserve a raise and every blessing that’s coming to here ❤️❤️